High-Performance Hydraulic Flanges with Hy-Lok

Hydraulic flanges are used to connect tubes, pipes, or hoses to components (pumps, valves, etc.), forming a leak-free fluid control system. Flanged joints consist of two flanges bolted together with a gasket between them to provide an air and fluid-tight seal. Because of their ease of installation, fast and predictable maintenance procedures, and outstanding durability, they are found widely in countless industrial applications across Canada.

If your organization is looking for reliable, value-adding hydraulic flanges, you need a reliable supplier and manufacturer who can get you the parts you need, where and when you need them. Since 1977, Hy-Lok has proudly manufactured and distributed industry-leading fittings and fluid system components for Canadian industry, including a comprehensive range of hydraulic flanges and accessories. Read on to learn more about the benefits of switching to Hy-Lok below.

Hydraulic Flanges at Hy-Lok

Hy-Lok is a Canadian industry leader in manufacturing and distributing reliable fluid control components, including our numerous lines of hydraulic flanges. Our hydraulic flanges are manufactured with a comprehensive range of alloys and are available for SAE J518, ISO 6162, ISO 6164, and DIN specifications. With pressure ratings up to 400bar, Hy-Lok proudly provides hydraulic flange solutions for a complete range of applications.

Hy-Lok’s inventory also includes a comprehensive range of accessories and system components, including:

Hassle-free integration and installation are critical to maintaining your operation’s uptime and productivity. That’s why Hy-Lok Canada’s flange fittings are 100% compatible with Swagelok, Bi-Lok, S-Lok, McMaster-Carr, and other manufacturers’ fluid system components. Hy-Lok hydraulic flanges are specifically designed to be drop-in replacements for all major manufacturers’ fittings, offering optimal performance, unbeatable value, and none of the hassle of intermixing fitting suppliers.

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