Since 1977, Hy-Lok has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality mining production fittings and valves. Backed by our commitment to outstanding quality, Hy-Lok’s mining production products include the following:



Hy-Lok Canada is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of fluid control systems that meet the high-quality standards required for applications in the mining industry. These systems are designed to be completely interchangeable with components made by other manufacturers, allowing for easy and hassle-free integration.
Hy-Lok Canada is at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying superior quality fittings and valves suitable for the mining industry.
Canada’s mining industry is rapidly expanding and is among the top global producers of metals and minerals, including uranium, diamond, aluminum, and nickel. At Hy-Lok, our components are engineered to withstand the harsh demands of Canadian mining operations and deliver optimal performance and safety. We offer our customers a wide selection of high-quality components, including ball valves, needle valves, pipe fittings and more. With our commitment to quality and safety, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to the mining industry, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and safety. When you need reliable and robust mining production solutions, trust the industry leader in fluid control components at Hy-Lok!

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Our extensive inventory is designed to meet the demands of all mining applications, including:

Slurry Control Systems

Slurry control systems require robust fittings and valves that can withstand extreme abrasion. Luckily, Hy-Lok’s range of high-quality valves, fittings, and fluid control components are built to last even under challenging conditions. Each of our components is even quality tested to ensure optimal performance. When your slurry control systems need durable and top-quality components, Hy-Lok has you covered!

Water Control Systems

The mining industry sometimes requires vast amounts of water, and water control systems then manage that water. These systems need components that withstand extreme pressures, temperatures, and harsh environmental factors. Fortunately, Hy-Lok’s inventory of mining production components is manufactured for optimal performance. When you require water control system components for your mining site, trust Hy-Lok to have the solutions you need!

Chemical Injection Systems

Chemical injection systems support your mining operation by injecting vital chemicals into your processes to increase overall production capacity and more. When using these systems, you need fluid-handling components compatible with the substances your production uses and built to last. Hy-Lok offers a comprehensive range of mining production components built to withstand challenging applications. Trust the experts in high-quality mining production components for all your chemical injection system solutions.

Dust Suppression Systems

Dust impression systems are critical for maintaining the safety and productivity of your mining site. To ensure the optimal performance of these vital systems, you need durable and high-quality fittings, valves, and fluid handling components from Hy-Lok. Our dust suppression system-compatible solutions are manufactured to ensure peak performance and durability. For all of your dust suppression system components needs, Hy-Lok has you covered!


Safety and performance are paramount at Hy-Lok. We manufacture our products using only the best materials and processes available to maintain the highest standards of quality. With our extensive certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 180001, ASME, API, API FireSafe, and PVD, you can be confident that our products are reliable and safe. Our expedited shipping and custommanufacturing services are designed to meet our customers’ unique mining needs.