Hy-Lok’s fittings and valves are designed to meet the demands of the agricultural industry. Our inventory includes the following:



Hy-Lok Canada manufactures and distributes high-quality fluid control systems that are suitable for all applications in the agriculture sector. These systems are 100% compatible with components made by other manufacturers and guarantee seamless interchangeability.

No matter the size of your agricultural operations, Hy-Lok has the valves, fittings, and components you need to ensure productivity and efficiency.
Hydraulic components and systems are essential to the production of crops and livestock management in the agricultural industry. This is because agricultural operations need dependable hydraulic systems and components to increase efficiency and decrease costly downtime. At Hy-Lok, our wide range of valves and fittings are designed for many applications in the agriculture industry. Our components are engineered to endure the unique demands of the agricultural sector. With a strong commitment to reliability and quality, Hy-Lok Canada is a trusted partner for fluid control solutions in the agricultural industry. So when you need hydraulic fittings, pesticide-compatible valves, or something else, Hy-Lok is here help!

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Our extensive inventory is designed to meet the demands of all agriculture applications, including:

Irrigation Control Systems

Irrigation control systems require numerous components that can withstand fluctuating environmental factors and several other challenges. Luckily, Hy-Lok has the inventory you need to ensure these systems remain operating at peak performance. As the industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of agricultural valves and fittings, Hy-Lok has the necessary components for your irrigation control systems.

Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment systems supply your agricultural operation with safe, quality water. These systems need valves and fittings that can withstand the treatment process and several other challenging conditions. Hy-Lok’s offering of agricultural components is manufactured for these demanding applications. Trust the experts in valves and fittings for all your water treatment system needs!

Harvesting Systems

Harvesting systems are critical for your agricultural operations. When these systems require durable and dependable components, trust Hy-Lok to have the inventory of quality valves and fittings you need. Manufactured with quality and durability in mind, Hy-Lok’s harvesting system components are industry-leading solutions across the agricultural sector.

Chemical Application Systems

Chemical application systems like farm pesticide sprayers require chemical-resistant and durable valves and fittings. Fortunately, Hy-Lok manufactures and supplies industry-leading components for chemical application systems. So when you need dependable valves and fittings for your chemical application systems, Hy-Lok has you covered!


Hy-Lok is proud to manufacture and distribute high-quality products that meet the industry’s safety and performance requirements. Our products are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 180001, ASME, API, API FireSafe, and PVD standards. All our products are leak-tested at the factory prior to shipping, guaranteeing unparalleled performance. With expedited shipping and custom-manufacturing services, we can fulfill all your requirements.