ZCR Face Seal Fittings at Hy-Lok Canada

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has been a premier supplier of fluid systems components for our customers across the country. Our team strives for continuous innovation, developing products that evolve alongside the increasing demands of Canadian industry.

Hy-Lok Canada’s ZCR Face Seal Fittings provide leak-free performance in almost any application. Our top-quality components are found throughout a wide range of industries, such as petrochemical and chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical research laboratories, cryogenic and semiconductor, and more!

Leak-Free, Sterile Performance for Any Application

Our ZCR face seal fittings feature two sealing beads compressing a metal gasket for leak-free performance, even under the most demanding conditions. Available in sizes up to 1″ O.D., Hy-Lok ZCR face seal fittings are fully interchangeable and compatible with other major face seal fitting manufacturers. Like all Hy-Lok components, our face seal fittings are engineered to not only meet but exceed the specifications of your project, ensuring unparalleled performance in any fluid system.

Hy-Lok ZCR face seal fittings are surface-finished to Ra 0.25 µ m (Ra 10 µ in) standards to eliminate leaks in high vacuum and positive pressure environments. Additionally, all ZCR face seal fittings are manufactured in a Class 10 cleanroom environment, where they are double-packaged in anti-static polyethylene bags purified by nitrogen gas. This makes our components ideal for sterile, contaminant-free environments, such as those found in the pharmaceutical and cryogenic fields.

The Right Components for Every Requirement

Hy-Lok Canada’s inventory is among the largest and most diverse in North America. We’re proud to offer a diverse selection of glands, high-flow connections, nut, cap, plug & gasket, and both swivel and non-swivel connectors. Our ZCR face seal fittings are available in a wide variety of materials, including 316, 316L, 316L VOD, and 316L VIM VAR stainless steel. Additionally, fittings are available in ¼ to 1 inch and 6 to 18mm sizes.

Does your fluid system require unique components? No problem! Hy-Lok can fulfill custom orders to nearly any specification, using a variety of materials and adhering to a wide range of international standards.

The Hy-Lok Difference

With an extensive network of distributors across the country, Hy-Lok is the clear choice for Canadian industry. Our ZCR face seal fittings are always readily available, and custom orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. With expedited shipping available, your operation can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality components for projects across Canada.

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