Why Choose Hy-Lok for your Integral Double Block and Bleed Valve’s

Integral double block and bleed valves are essential in the oil and gas industry, onshore terminals, control panel manufacturers and compressor manufacturers. The double block provides a seal from both ends of the valve to isolate the upstream fluid flow in the system from reaching other components of the system that are downstream.

Hy-Lok’s integral double block & bleed valves are engineered to offer compact installation for gauge or transmitter instruments to provide minimum leak path and reduce the risk of damage from vibration. Read on to learn more about Hy-Lok’s Integral Double Block and Bleed Valve.

The Benefit of Hy-Lok’s Valve

Our team of dedicated engineering specialists implemented a compact design to the integral double block and bleed valve, reducing its weight and height. This design allows for fewer leakage points, minimal effects on system vibrations, and reduced installation costs. With Hy-Lok’s integral double block and bleed valve, supporting brackets are no longer required.


Integral double block and bleed valves can be used for several applications such as sample connections, gauge isolation, instrument drain, chemical seal instrument isolation and more! The valves are made from stainless steel and can withstand maximum operating pressure of 10,000 psi at 100 Fahrenheit.

Types of Valves

There are several types of valve options available at Hy-Lok that also aid with pressure isolation. The following valves are engineered with one-piece double block and bleed assemblies used for isolation of pressure take-offs where the valve is mounted directly to the process pipe:

  • Modular Valves
  • Monoflange Valves
  • Root Valves

Trust Hy-Lok

We put our main focus on maintaining the highest quality and safety first. Every step taken by Hy-Lok’s team is to make sure that the products we manufacture are held to the highest standards and are tested and certified prior to shipping. With every product purchased from Hy-Lok, you will get quality products that are second to none.

Your No.1 Supplier

Hy-Lok Canada has a nationwide distribution network that ensures seamless and quick access to the components your system needs. With expedited shipping and mobile inventory management, Hy-Lok is committed to increasing value for our partners through outstanding support and service.

Our integral double block and bleed valves are designed for 100% interchangeability with S-Lok, Bi-Lok, McMaster-Carr, Swagelok and other manufacturers’ components. Our products are engineered for optimal compatibility with every application, offering easy integration in your current fluid and control systems. With Hy-Lok, you no longer need to worry about retraining installers, intermixing or offloading existing inventory.

Partner With Hy-Lok

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