What is an SAE Tube Fitting?

Since 1977, Hy-Lok has been committed to supplying operations across Canada with high-quality components for every type of fluid management system. From the heavy-duty needs petrochemical and automotive industries to the precision requirements of the cryogenic and biotechnology fields, Hy-Lok manufactures reliable fittings for a wide variety of applications and purposes.

Many of our most requested components are built to SAE standards. Read on to understand what an SAE tube fitting is, where they are used, and how Hy-Lok can provide top-quality SAE fittings for your operation.

What is the SAE?

SAE International (formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers) is an organization dedicated to developing standards for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries. While these industries are the most common places to find SAE tube fittings, many other fields have adopted the SAE standards for their components, including refrigeration and other hydraulic systems.

When Do I Need SAE Tube Fittings?

If you’re part of the automotive, aerospace, or commercial vehicle industries, chances are high that you are already using tube fittings and components made to SAE standards in your systems. Additionally, SAE tube fittings are commonly found in rotary equipment and air compressors in a wide variety of industries and applications.

If your hydraulic and fluid management systems already use SAE components, it is essential to replace parts with SAE compatible fittings. While fittings made to different specifications may look (and occasionally perform) similar, using mismatched components can lead to a shorter lifespan, and often system malfunction or failure. If you’re unsure which parts you need, our qualified Hy-Lok distributors can help you determine the right components to keep your fluid system performing optimally.

SAE Tube Fittings with Hy-Lok

With one of the most extensive inventories in North America, Hy-Lok’s range of products includes a wide variety of tube fittings manufactured to SAE standards.

The 37-degree flared JIC fitting is one of the most common SAE tube fittings we sell. They are fully compatible with SAE J514 and JIC (Joint Industry Council) standards. 37-degree flared JIC fittings are widely used in fuel delivery and fluid power applications, and perform well under extreme vibrations, pressure bursts, and thermal shocks. When tightened, the fitting’s sleeve ensures tube alignment with the fitting axis, reducing mechanical strain on the tube and decreasing vibrations.

Hy-Lok SAE tube fittings are typically made from steel to balance strength and corrosion resistance with value. However, alternative materials such as brass, aluminum, and SS316 stainless steel are available by request for custom orders. No matter what your fluid system needs, Hy-Lok is committed to supplying high-quality tube fittings for our customers across Canada, delivering exceptional performance at a competitive price.

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