Weld On Fittings Suitable For You

Applications with high temperature, high pressure and high vibration require leak-free weld on fittings to ensure optimum results. Hy-Lok Canada provides an extensive range of weld fittings that are efficient and secure for most industries. Whether it is tees, elbows or even crosses, all fittings are high-performing, reliable, leak-proof and available at Hy-Lok Canada.

Durability From Within

Hy-Lok creates all of our fittings in our manufacturing facility. Our focus is to produce top-notch quality products in-house. Not only does this allow us to guarantee the highest calibre of products, but this also allows us to manufacture any type of fitting with any material you require. Our permanent leak-tight connections are manufactured with a range of dimensions. Hy-Lok weld fittings range from 1/8 “ to 1” for tube to tube configurations. You can also find 1/8 “ NPT to 1” NPT for tube to male and female pipe configurations. We manufacture our fittings to ensure effective and efficient results.

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has maintained an excellent reputation in several industries; oil & gas, biotechnology, rigs and platforms, instrumentation and more! The critical aspect of our success is the sustainability of our products. Before shipping, all weld on fittings undergo testing for optimal leak protection to maintain efficiency without compromising any safety measures. Hy-Lok Canada provides the best quality of products and promises the longevity of all the fittings.

We Can Make It Fit

Hy-Lok Canada is the global leader in the Fluid & Control System Industry. We offer an extensive catalogue of fittings both domestically and internationally. We are able to distribute parts quickly and efficiently within any deadline. Our inventory includes:

All our fittings have multiple connection end options, various configurations and a wide temperature range threshold. Hy-Lok’s fittings can be used in hydraulics, compressors, research facilities and more. Hy-Lok can customize weld fittings to suit your industrial needs and maintain a leak-proof seal.

When it comes to compatibility, we are proud to offer fittings that are 100% compatible with other manufacturers’ products; you do not need to purchase new components or change suppliers. Whether you have a Swagelok, Parker or any other manufacturer, Hy-Lok’s 100% interchangeable steel fittings will work seamlessly.

We are certified by accredited bodies that certify our compliance according to national and international standards. Our certifications ensure that we follow all protocol and safety standards. These accreditations enable us to manufacture any steel tube fittings according to your requirements while following rules and regulations.

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