Understanding Tube Nuts and Sleeves in Fluid Control Systems

Ensuring your system’s components have a leak-tight seal may require additional components such as o-rings, tube nuts, sleeves and ferrules. At Hy-Lok Canada, we’ve been helping North American companies access the fluid and control products they need for nearly 50 years. With our decades of experience, wide inventory, and quality-made products, we can help you build a fluid and control system that is not only leak-free but also safe and efficient. But first, we should address how you can achieve a tight connection with the help of a tube nut and sleeve. Keep reading to find out! 

When Are Tube Nuts and Sleeves Required?

While there isn’t one specific application or situation that calls for tube nuts and sleeves, it depends on the types of fittings your fluid and control systems are using. For instance, flared and compression are two of the most common fittings requiring a tube nut or sleeve.

Here’s a quick overview of these components: 

Flared Fitting Applications:

Flared fittings typically have a tapered end that will fit into a flared piece of tubing. This fitting is then secured using a sleeve and threaded nut. The result? A pressure-resistant, leak-tight seal that offers long-term reliability, especially in aerospace, industrial, and construction equipment applications where they must withstand high pressures and temperatures. 

Compression Fitting Applications:

Compression fittings, commonly known as flareless fittings, use a single ferrule (similar to a sleeve) and a nut to bite into the tubing and make a tight connection without flaring. However, because of how the ferrule bites into the tubing, these fittings are often not reusable. These types of fittings are commonly used across various industries and applications because making the connection is easier than other options on the market and their vibration resistance. 

Finding the Right Size Tube Nuts and Sleeves

When it comes to finding the right-sized valves, fittings, tube nuts, and sleeves, accurate measurements are crucial, as an oversized or undersized component will either be incompatible or will inadequately seal or connect. When it comes to compression and flared fittings, as well as their tube nuts, ferrules, and sleeves, the outer diameter (OD) is what matters most. That means when measuring the OD of a tube nut or sleeve, be sure to include the thickness of the tubing wall in your measurement. However, if you have any questions regarding sizing, availability, or even material compatibility of your components, the experts at Hy-Lok Canada are here to help! 

100% Interchangeability to Complete Your Systems

At Hy-Lok Canada, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of valves, fittings, tube nuts, sleeves and more. With our comprehensive inventory, expert advice, and quality-built products, you can rest assured that your fluid and control systems will operate safely and efficiently. Even if you have Swagelok or Parker components in your system, you’re still in luck! Hy-Lok’s components are 100% interchangeable with competitors like Swagelok, Parker, and S-Lok. So, no matter the components in your system, if you need cost-effective and quality valves and fittings, Hy-Lok Canada has you covered! 

Find the Fittings and Valves You Need Today! 

Whether you’re located in Montreal or Vancouver, Hy-Lok Canada has the inventory and distribution partnerships to ensure you get the fluid and control components you need when you need them most. So stop letting supply chain issues slow down or interrupt your operations; instead, turn to Hy-Lok Canada! 

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