Tube-To-Tube Fittings for Every Industry with Hy-Lok

Across Canada, heavy industry requires parts and components that can stand up to the most demanding operating conditions. From Alberta’s Oil Sands to mining in Ontario and Quebec, all industrial sectors need high-quality tube-to-tube fittings to keep their operations running smoothly.

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has been a proud supplier of fluid system components for industries and projects from coast to coast. Our partners rely on us to deliver tube-to-tube fittings that add value to every fluid system through unrivalled performance, unmatched durability, and exceptional customer service. Read on to learn more about how Hy-Lok Canada’s tube-to-tube fittings can take your industrial operation to the next level.

The Right Components for Any Application

Every fluid system has unique requirements based on application, operating conditions, and production volume. No matter what the industry, operators need to know that they’re working with components specifically engineered for their demands.

Our inventory of tube fittings is one of the largest in North America. Hy-Lok components are designed and manufactured to meet a wide variety of specifications and industry requirements, including SAE, JIC, DIN 2353, ECE R110 compliance for NGV applications, and EIHP compliance for hydrogen purposes. We’re proud to engineer industry-leading components for the oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and other challenging industries. Our cross-sector knowledge and experience allows us to select and manufacture tube-to-tube fittings that will perform in any conditions and meet the most challenging operating requirements.

Hy-Lok Canada also custom-fabricates components for unique and challenging applications. With a wide variety of materials, wall thicknesses, and temperature/pressure ratings available, we’re proud to offer high-quality custom tube-to-tube fittings engineered for seamless integration into any fluid system.

Reliable Quality, Unbeatable Value

When it comes to fluid systems in demanding industries, quality simply isn’t negotiable. No matter what the application, your fluid system needs high-quality tube-to-tube fittings that will perform in your operating environment, all while providing exceptional value at a reasonable cost.

All Hy-Lok tube-to-tube fittings undergo rigorous batch testing to ensure reliable performance in the most challenging environments. By the time our components reach our customers, they have been proven to perform in the harshest conditions. No matter what your next project calls for, you can depend on Hy-Lok’s premium tube-to-tube fittings to meet the requirements at a competitive price.

Built for Canada

Our components aren’t the only thing built for the demands of Canadian industry. A nationwide distribution network ensures that Hy-Lok tube-to-tube fittings are readily available for operations across Canada. With expedited shipping available, your business can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality tube-to-tube fittings, no matter how tight the deadline or remote the location.

Discover the Hy-Lok difference today. Contact our team to learn more.