Tube Fittings In Canada

In many industries, tube fittings are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of various fluid systems. Read on to learn more about the importance of tube fittings and where to find high-quality leak-free tube fittings in Canada.

Why do you need tube fittings? 

Tube fittings are used worldwide in numerous pipe systems to connect straight sections of pipes and tubes and control the flow of gas, water or liquid waste. Since tube fittings can be used in numerous applications and different instruments, fittings come in different sizes and shapes to be able to connect the necessary pipes together. This type of hardware is meticulously manufactured to withstand a range of pressures, temperatures and vibration parameters for a wide range of applications.

Depending on the type of fluid that needs to be controlled, each tube fitting is designed to keep the tube ends in place and ensure a leak-proof seal. At Hy-Lok Canada, you can find tube fittings that are manufactured for common applications such as:

  1. Hydraulic
  2. Pneumatic
  3. Instrumentation
  4. Compressor Manufacturing
  5. Agriculture Equipment
  6. And many other heavy industry applications

No matter what type of application you might use, there will always be a tube fitting that can undergo the necessary temperature, pressure and vibration parameters that provides you with a leak-free system.

Tube Fittings For Different Applications

Generally, the structure and material of applications can differ from one manufacturer to another, resulting in companies and manufacturers purchasing a variety of different tube fittings from various suppliers. When buying tube fittings, companies often try to restock their inventory from the existing supplier to ensure that the workflow is smooth and efficient. However, with the current logistical issues that the world is going through at the moment, suppliers are often unable to provide companies with the same inventory, causing delays and changes in the scope of the project.

With that said, Hy-Lok Canada has been manufacturing fluid system components, including fittings and valves, that are 100% interchangeable with Swagelok, Parker and many other manufacturers. Our tube fittings are made from top-quality materials that can withstand almost any temperature, pressure or vibration parameters your fluid system process might require. As our fittings are designed and manufactured in-house, we are able to customize your fittings according to the specifications of the fluid system. We construct our fittings with fine threads to ensure a leak-proof seal and offer multiple connection end options to provide you with the necessary fitting for easy installation to your system.

Find Your Fitting At Hy-Lok Canada

At Hy-Lok, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality fluid system components for a variety of applications. With distributors all through Canada, we are able to ship the necessary fittings you need, no matter where you are located. We also provide expedited shipping services to ensure that you receive the components you need as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive tube fittings catalog.