Tube Fitting Inventory Management with Hy-Lok

In Canada’s most demanding industrial applications, reliable access to components is almost as important as the components themselves. Operations striving for maximum efficiency need reliable suppliers to ensure they have the parts they need when they need them. Prolonged downtime while waiting for parts will cost your business both time and money, preventing you from maximizing productivity and meeting targets.

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has proudly supplied Canadian industry with valves, tube fittings, and more for a wide variety of applications. No matter what your system needs, Hy-Lok delivers high-performance tube fittings that bring world-class quality and value to your business. Read on to learn more Hy-Lok’s complete inventory management solutions.

The Parts You Need, When You Need Them

Hy-Lok Canada is proud to offer comprehensive inventory management services for our customers from coast-to-coast. Our mobile inventory systems ensure your operations always have the parts they need on-hand, providing a hassle-free way to manage your tube fitting inventory.

Hy-Lok Canada proudly replenishes both customer-owned and consignment inventories, ensuring our customers access to the high-performance tube fittings they need to get the job done. No matter the size or location, Hy-Lok Canada offers start-to-finish inventory management solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

High-Performance Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok’s extensive catalogue of tube fittings is one of the largest in North America. All Hy-Lok fittings are made using top-quality materials, including SS316, alloy 400, brass, and carbon steel. Unlike many major manufacturers, Hy-Lok Canada manufactures tube fittings in our own dedicated facilities, allowing us to guarantee top quality and peak performance for our customers. Our fittings are engineered to meet a comprehensive range of specifications and industry requirements, including DIN 2353, ECE R110 for NGV applications, and EIHP for hydrogen purposes.

Seamless integration into existing systems is critical to any operation’s productivity. That’s why Hy-Lok Canada’s fittings are designed to be 100% interchangeable with Bi-Lok, S-Lok, Swagelok, and other manufacturers’ components. Hy-Lok tube fittings can be intermixed in all sizes while providing equal or superior performance compared to our competition. Our fittings fit perfectly into your fluid system without the added strains and costs of intermixing components, such as retraining installers or offloading existing inventory.

Coast-to-Coast Service

Hy-Lok’s nationwide network of representatives and distributors is committed to supplying our customer’s right components and processes for any operation. With complete inventory management services available, Hy-Lok Canada is committed to providing value-adding solutions from start to finish.

Looking for Fitting Inventory Management Solutions?

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