The Importance of Well-Made SAE Fittings in Aerospace

The construction of the hydraulic system within aerospace equipment must be as close to perfect as possible, which means the hydraulic fittings need to be exceptionally high quality.

Keep reading to learn why Hy-Lok Canada’s hydraulic SAE fittings are perfect for aerospace applications.

SAE J514 Fittings

The SAE J514 fittings are used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications and are seen primarily in aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Their maximum operating pressure is 8700 PSIG at 100°F (38°C), and the operating temperature range is 800°F (427°C). These fittings are typically made from 316 stainless steel.

The Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry spans from aircraft, rockets and radar systems to transportation, ground vehicles and safety management systems. The equipment and components used in aerospace must meet and strictly adhere to the highly specialized industry standards.

The Hy-Lok SAE J514 hydraulic fittings are well suited to the extreme conditions of aerospace applications. Hy-Lok’s fittings meet the scrupulous industrial requirements of aerospace.

Vibration Resistant

Connection issues are a serious concern in applications with severe vibration and friction because the vibration can twist the fittings loose and potentially lead to leaks or system damage. Hy-Lok’s SAE J514 hydraulic fittings are designed with a flare to keep them locked in place, withstanding intense vibrations and remaining securely attached.

Flared fittings are especially important in applications with hydraulic systems, like airplanes, heavy machinery and industrial equipment. It counteracts the internal vibrations and external pressure.

Leak Free

In the valve world, there is an “allowable amount” of leakage, but where does the fluid go when it leaks? For Hy-Lok, we believe that no amount of leakage is acceptable, especially in aerospace. Planes cover exceptional distances during any flight, which means a leaky plane can have severe environmental impacts.

Hy-Lok is an international company that has been a leading force in the Fluid Control industry for over 40 years. Our tube fittings are used across industries, from natural gas and CO2 lines to hydrogen processing plants. Hy-Lok’s fittings needto be leak-free because of the diverse list of industries we serve. By providing superior-quality components, we reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and increase internal productivity by the reliability of our product.

Dependability & Reliability

The assembly of the SAE J514 hydraulic fittings performs exceptionally well under conditions of severe vibrations, pressure bursts and thermal shocks. There is a reduction of mechanical strain and decreased vibrations when tightened, as the sleeve ensures tube alignment with the fitting axis.

The SAE J514 ensures very high dependability and is easily connected to the system with a nut and sleeve. The tube’s design remains consistent and does not undergo distortion. Therefore, the system’s fluid pressure loss is negligible.

The strength, efficiency and reliability of Hy-Lok fittings are apparent in how the high quality is maintained even after several disassemblies, reassemblies and individual replacements of particular components.

Quality You Can Trust

Are you interested in working with Hy-Lok Canada? Contact us today to learn how Hy-Lok’s SAE J514 hydraulic fittings can benefit your industrial applications.