Steel Tube Fittings You Can Trust for Every Application

Hy-Lok is the global leader in supplying fluid systems components to industries across the world. Our trusted components offer the most seamless and easy-to-integrate design for optimal convenience and efficiency. Hy-Lok provides a wide range of steel tube fittings to cater to clients’ diverse needs and application needs. Keep reading to learn more about our high-performance, reliable steel tube fittings.

Fittings You Can Trust

As the leading manufacturer of fluid systems components, Hy-Lok focuses on providing you with the best products possible. Ensuring high-quality, high-performance fittings for your worksite is essential. That is why Hy-Lok makes sure to use the best materials for our steel tube fittings. We use SS316 for our high-pressure, 10,000 psi steel tube fittings. With materials that last, you can keep your components for years to come, and be assured that your components will always work to deliver the best performance with every application.

Hy-Lok creates our components in our forging and manufacturing facility. We prioritize our manufacturing process because we know that top-quality products start with excellent manufacturing. As the sole creators of our products, we are able to oversee every aspect of each component. This process allows us to be the trusted experts in fluid systems components and ensure quality in both production and distribution.

The Perfect Fit for Several Applications

Hy-Lok Canada is North America’s reliable source for fluid systems components for every application. Our extensive inventory of fluid systems components, including steel tube fittings, makes it easy for us to provide industry leaders like you with the best products possible. We offer steel tube fittings for instrumentation, hydraulics and several other applications and include an extensive list of standards and classifications on our fittings for added security.

When it comes to stainless steel high-pressure fittings, we are proud to offer plugs, male connectors, female connectors, plugs, tees, crosses, and several other tube fittings. Our fittings are designed with a wide range of uses in mind, and we make sure to ensure leakproof use so that you can work safely and efficiently.

Our fittings are also made to be 100% compatible with other manufacturers’ products. Whether you have Swagelok, or any other manufacturers’ products on your worksite, Hy-Lok’s 100% interchangeable steel tube fittings will work perfectly. We guarantee a 100% seamless integration with several other fluid system components. This feature means that you do not have to worry about purchasing new components to make your assembly successful.

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