Saving Time & Money with Hy-Lok Calibration Fittings

When it comes to industrial instrumentation, differential pressure (DP) transmitters are among the most important tools in use today. No matter the fluid system or operating environment, the ability to reliably measure pressure differentials is critical to calibrate your system and keep your operation running smoothly.

Selecting the right calibration fittings for your DP transmitter is critical its effectiveness; high-quality components will allow fast, efficient measurement and calibration that can lower your operating costs. Conversely, inferior parts can cost your organization in unexpected downtime, replacement costs, or even fluid system failure.

Hy-Lok Canada is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fluid system components in North America. For over 40 years, we’ve engineered top-quality fittings for a wide variety of applications, including precision components for instrumentation. No matter what your operation needs, Hy-Lok’s extensive inventory offers value-adding solutions for Canadian industry.

Engineered for Speed & Precision

Hy-Lok calibration fittings are designed and manufactured for fast and effective use. Made from top-quality 316 stainless steel, our calibration fittings feature straight threads that eliminate galling, while allowing for quick and easy access for transmitter calibration. Backed by warranty and extensive customer service and support, Hy-Lok calibration fittings offer unrivalled performance and extended life cycles that save time and money, even in the most challenging operating environments.

Your One-Stop Solution for Every Fluid System

In addition to calibration fittings, Hy-Lok is proud to offer an extensive inventory of high-quality parts for fluid systems across all industries. No matter what your operation needs, Hy-Lok’s unrivalled quality and world-class service will save you time and money every step of the way.

Hy-Lok designs and manufactures components to meet the needs of nearly every industry, including:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Natural Gas
  • Offshore Rigs and Platforms
  • Chemical Production
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • And More!

With decades of cross-sector experience, our team can help you select components that will add value to your fluid system through extended life cycles and optimum performance.

Hy-Lok Canada also custom-fabricates components for unique and challenging applications using a wide variety of materials, wall thicknesses, and temperature/pressure ratings. Our experience allows us to select, engineer, and deliver high-quality, durable custom tube fittings designed for seamless integration into any fluid system.

Built to Serve Canada

Hy-Lok’s national network of distributors ensures top-quality components are readily available for operations across Canada and around the world. With expedited shipping available, your business can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality fluid system components quickly and efficiently to keep your operation running efficiently.

Ready to Get Started?

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