Why A Proper Seal On High Pressure Fittings Matters

Our high-pressure fittings meet strict specifications and can withstand a range of PSI thresholds, giving our clients maximum flexibility in NPT fitting selection. We also use a spectrum of materials for our parts, giving operators in different industries the right fittings for their project. Whether it’s the production of instrumentation or hydraulics, we have the fittings to keep our clients covered.

Role of High-Pressure Fittings

These products are designed to handle demanding applications and can meet pressure tolerances ranging from 30K PSI to 60K PSI. As a result, operators in the oil, gas and petroleum sector rely on our fittings for use in their production facilities. This underscores the quality of our parts and the importance of our role in vital industries within Canada. We serve and support major companies within the economy, which is why we take our commitment to quality seriously.

Why a Proper Seal Matters?

NPT fittings and proper seals ensure that clients’ production systems are optimized and that safety guidelines are met. Given the inherent risk in high-pressure operations, only the finest quality fittings are applicable, and we supply reliable parts you can trust. Proper seals mitigate the risk of devastating bursts that can harm personnel and cause costly damage and delays. Our fittings are rigorously tested before being shipped, ensuring product quality for our clients.

National Pipe Tapered (NPT) threads form an effective seal for pipes using hydraulic fluids. The special tapering pulls tight creating a seal that is more reliable compared to other connections. However, a sealant compound must be used to ensure a leak-free seal, when the fitting is installed. Properly implemented, our NPT fittings mitigate a myriad of risks to operators and reduce maintenance costs over the long run, which is ideal for all stakeholders.


We use materials such as 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, special alloys, carbon steel and brass. Each of these materials has advantages, and we can recommend parts based on clients’ requirements. We can also customize fittings to meet material requirements for special projects or hazardous work environments. We only use the highest-grade materials sourced from trusted businesses within the industry.

Hy-Lok Quality

We back all the products in our catalogue with a guarantee and a warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality and our clients. We use process excellence tools and techniques to minimize product defects, while providing fast and efficient service to our clients. Our clients can expect expedited shipping, if they need immediate support, because we have a large inventory of parts ready for delivery. With multiple distribution points across Canada, we can provide quick turnaround times.

Additional benefits of Hy-Lok:

  • Custom fabrication and materials
  • Robust and versatile inventory
  • Cost-effective products
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Clients looking for high-quality NPT fittings, valves, pre-setting tools or connectors can turn to Hy-Lok. We follow industry guidelines for safety and quality, while keeping our products competitively priced. Contact us today for additional information on our products and services.