Product Spotlight: SAE J514 Fittings

If you’re looking for tube fittings for brake lines, tubing assemblies, or other hydraulic systems, you’re probably looking for SAE J514 fittings. Available in both flared and flareless varieties, SAE J514 fittings have become the industry standard in automotive, aerospace, industrial, and commercial fluid systems.

While they look (and sometimes perform) similarly to other fittings, components built to SAE J514 specifications have unique characteristics and applications. To help you understand their performance capabilities and uses, here is a brief overview of SAE J514 fittings at Hy-Lok.

What is SAE J514?

SAE J514 is a standard created by SAE International (formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers), an organization dedicated to developing standards for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries. The J514 standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for 37 degree flared and flareless hydraulic tube fittings and O-ring plugs.

SAE J514 fittings provide leakproof, full-flow connections in hydraulic systems with working pressures up to 8700 psi (depending on the application and fitting size). These fittings are typically used in hydraulic systems in industrial equipment and commercial vehicles.

SAE J514 and 37 Degree JIC Fittings at Hy-Lok

One of the most common fittings we sell is the 37-degree flared JIC fitting. These fittings are fully compatible with SAE and JIC (Joint Industry Council) standards. 37-degree flared JIC fittings are widely used in fuel delivery and fluid power applications, and perform well under extreme vibrations, pressure bursts, and thermal shocks. When tightened, the fitting’s sleeve ensures tube alignment with the fitting axis, reducing mechanical strain on the tube and decreasing vibrations.

SAE J514 fittings are typically made from steel to balance strength and corrosion resistance with value. However, alternative materials such as brass, aluminum, and SS316 stainless steel are available by request for custom orders.

The Hy-Lok Difference

No matter what the industry or application, businesses need a reliable supplier to provide high-quality fittings that meet performance standards while delivering exceptional value. All Hy-Lok fittings undergo rigorous batch testing to ensure top performance in the harshest environments. No matter what your next project calls for, you can depend on Hy-Lok’s premium tube fittings to meet the requirements every time.

With an extensive network of distributors across the country, Hy-Lok is the clear choice for Canadian industry. Our standard SAE J514 fittings are always readily available, and custom orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. With expedited shipping available, your business can rely on Hy-Lok to reliably supply quality fittings for productions across Canada.

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