Product Spotlight: Hy-Lok’s DV Series Diaphragm Valves

In semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, or any other ultrahigh purity application, a generic medium-pressure valve simply won’t cut it. Suitable, purpose-designed components are necessary to protect the integrity of your process, along with reliable, leak-free performance.

Since 1977, Hy-Lok has become a leader in engineering high-quality valves and fittings for Canadian industry, including the instrumentation, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our DV Series Diaphragm Valves offer ultrahigh purity performance in semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, and other demanding applications. Backed by a comprehensive warranty and world-class customer support, the DV Series Diaphragm Valves provide added value to any project through exceptional performance at a highly competitive price point. Learn more about the extensive features and benefits of Hy-Lok’s DV Series diaphragm valves below.

Performance-Engineered for Demanding Applications

Hy-Lok DV Series diaphragm valves are engineered to meet the most demanding performance requirements in biotech, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor applications.

DV Series valves are constructed using single- and double-melt 316L stainless steel, along with an Elgiloy super-alloy diaphragm for improved corrosion resistance and extended operating life. Our design minimizes dead space within the valve while also maximizing flow capacity, allowing for optimum performance in any process. DV Series valves also undergo electropolishing processing, making them suitable for semiconductor applications.

Diaphragm Valves for Every Need

Hy-Lok diaphragm valves are available in both high- and low-pressure varieties, along with a wide variety of specifications suitable for any application. DV series valves are available with ZCR, Tube Butt Weld, and Hy-Lok (Swagelok) Tube end connections for easy installation and integration into any process. Additionally, DV Series diaphragm valves are available with either manual handles or pneumatic actuators.

Hy-Lok’s diaphragm valves are engineered for 100% interchangeability with Swagelok, Bi-Lok, S-Lok, McMaster-Carr, and other manufacturers’ equivalent components. Our components are designed for optimal fit and performance in all sizes and applications, providing equal or superior performance to our competitors’ products. Hy-Lok diaphragm valves integrate easily into your current system without the typical challenges associated with intermixing, such as retraining installers or offloading existing inventory.

Quality You Can Rely On

In order to ensure long-lasting, leak-free performance for our customers, all Hy-Lok diaphragm valves are subject to extensive Helium leak testing. All Hy-Lok valves are verified to be 100% leak-free to ensure they meet any operation’s requirements. Backed by warranty and complete customer support, your operation can depend on Hy-Lok diaphragm valves to perform in the most challenging environments.

The Parts You Need, When You Need Them

Hy-Lok Canada’s nationwide network of distributors ensures top components are available on-demand for our customers from coast to coast. With expedited shipping available and inventory management services available, operations of all sizes and scopes can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality components quickly and efficiently to keep your next project running.

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