Product Spotlight: Cryogenic Valves

Hy-Lok Canada is a leader in the fluid system industry and has worked to create some of the most reliable and easy-to-use components on the market. We offer cryogenic needle valves in numerous industries to ensure seamless and easy to integrate assembly. Read on to learn about Hy-Lok’s cryogenic needle valves.

High-Quality Valves for Your Worksite

Having valves on your side that are reliable and of great quality is important for your worksite’s overall safety and efficiency. That’s why Hy-Loks cryogenic needle valves are made with the best materials and tested in our facilities for optimal performance.

Our cryogenic valves are made with high-quality materials such as SS316 and can withstand extremely low temperatures without failing. These valves can conquer even the most extreme cold temperatures and work efficiently to get the job done.

These valves work well if you are using liquified natural gas, compressed natural gas, and even liquid nitrogen. These valves work in temperatures as low as -196ºC (-320ºF) and up to 750psi in pressure ratings. Built to handle all of the demands of your worksite, the cryogenic needle valve is an essential and reliable part of any successful fluid system.

Hy-Lok’s cryogenic vales also offer in-line pattern for the most seamless installation possible. Save time and money with this feature, and minimize maintenance at the same time. Other features include BS 6755 Part 2 compliance and fire safety API 607/6FA standards. If there are features you are looking for, notify us so we can get your custom order ready for you.

Partner With the Industry Leaders

When choosing your manufacturer and supplier for your components, it is crucial to consider the demands of your worksite. Prioritizing safety is essential, which is why Hy-Lok Canada makes sure to test our products and carefully provide pressure and temperature ratings, as well as relevant specifications and standards.

Hy-Lok has operated since 1977 to perfect our manufacturing and deliver top-quality, competitively-priced products so that you can have the best and most durable components on your side. Hy-Lok’s catalogue offers a diverse range of valves for you to choose from, no matter your application. We also offer customizable options on our products to ensure optimal performance on your worksite.

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