JIC 37º Flared Fittings with Hy-Lok Canada

For the last 40 years, Hy-Lok Canada has remained an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing top-quality components for high-performance fluid systems from coast to coast. From the high-pressure, heavy-duty requirements of the petrochemical and automotive industries to the precision and reliability needed in the cryogenic and biotechnology sectors, Hy-Lok manufactures world-class valves and fittings that deliver unbeatable performance and value to any operation.

JIC 37º flared tube fittings are among the most popular products in our expansive inventory. Read on to learn more about 37º flared tube fittings, as well as how Hy-Lok components add value to operations of all sizes and scopes.

JIC 37º Flared Fitting Uses

If you’re in the automotive, aerospace, or commercial vehicle industries, odds are that you’re already using JIC 37º flared tube fittings and components made to JIC/SAE standards. JIC and SAEJ514-compliant fittings are regularly used in hoses, lines, and other tubing assemblies. Additionally, SAE tube fittings are standard in rotary equipment and air compressors in a wide variety of industries and applications.

If your fluid systems already use JIC/SAE components, it is essential to replace parts with JIC/SAE compatible fittings. While fittings made to different specifications may appear similar, mismatched components can lead to a shorter part lifespan, system malfunction, or even safety hazards. Our qualified Hy-Lok distributors can help determine the right components to keep your fluid system performing optimally and safely.

JIC 37º Flared Fittings with Hy-Lok

With one of the largest fitting inventories in North America, Hy-Lok’s product range includes a complete assortment of tube fittings manufactured to JIC/SAE standards.

The 37º flared JIC fitting is one of the most common tube fittings we sell. Hy-Lok fittings are fully compatible with SAE J514 and JIC (Joint Industry Council) standards, performing well with vibrations, pressure bursts, thermal shocks, and other demanding conditions. When tightened, the fitting’s sleeve ensures optimal tube alignment with the fitting axis, reducing mechanical strain on the tube and decreasing vibrations (and associated wear).

Hy-Lok tube fittings are typically made from steel to balance strength and corrosion resistance with value. We also stock Hastelloy/titanium components for the most demanding performance requirements. Alternative materials such as top-quality brass, and SS316 stainless steel are available by custom request. No matter what your fluid system requires, Hy-Lok is committed to supplying high-quality tube fittings for our customers across Canada.

At Hy-Lok, we understand that seamless integration with existing systems is critical to any operation’s productivity. That’s why Hy-Lok Canada’s fittings are designed to be 100% interchangeable with other major manufacturers’ components. Hy-Lok 37º flared fittings can be intermixed in all sizes, all while providing equal or superior performance to our competition’s parts. Our direct replacement valves and fittings fit perfectly into your fluid system without the added strains and costs of intermixing components.

Looking for 37º Flared Fittings?

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