Integral Block and Bleed Valves

Since 1977 Hy-Lok has built a reputation for manufacturing and supplying the highest quality valve and fitting solutions for customers worldwide. Our products offer those in the natural gas, oil and gas, petrochemical, rig and platform, biotechnology, and other industries, peace of mind and dependability when it matters most. Learn more about our products, including our standout integral Block and Bleed Valves below.

Quality First

At Hy-Lok, we put our commitment to quality and safety first. We take every step to make sure the products we manufacture are held to the highest standards and are 100% leak tested prior to shipping. Simply put, Hy-Lok’s quality is second to none.

Product Spotlight

Hy-Lok Canada manufactures a wide range of products, including our line of integral block and bleed valves. Our range of valves is specifically designed to provide a compact installation for gauge or transmitter instruments. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced weight
  • Minimized leak paths
  • Reduced height means less risk of damage through vibration

Specific design features include:

  • Positive pin stops
  • High performance seats
  • Full grip PVC handle sleeves
  • Anti-temper bonnets with a removable T-Bar key to prevent unauthorized operation of vent valves available.
  • All products receive hydrostatic testing at the full rated pressure with proof shell test at 1.5 times.

We supply the following types of valves:

  • Modular valves
  • Monoflange valves
  • Root valves

Our line of block and bleed valve products are ideal for chemical injection, piping/instrument interface, direct and remote mounting of instrument, and double block and bleed instrument isolation. With exceptional quality and competitive pricing, Hy-Lok products can’t be beat!

Learn more about our extensive range of products by contacting our team today.