Hy-Lok’s Guide to Ball Valves

Looking for reliable ball valves, follow standard specifications and are cost-effective? Hy-Lok Canada is proud to offer you an extensive inventory of products, including ball and plug valves, for all your fluid and control system needs. We ensure air-tight, leak-free seal valves to maintain safe and efficient workflow in all industries. Whether you’re in the oil and gas, chemical processing or power and utility industry, we guarantee high-quality, reliable valves suitable for all fluid systems in your industry. Learn more about our wide range of standard and non-standard valves below!

Variety of Valves

We offer a variety of ball valves for different applications:

  • 102 Series: High-Pressure Ball Valves
  • 105 Series: High-Pressure Ball Valves
  • 112 Series: Ball Valves
  • SO Series: Swing Out Ball Valves
  • T Series: Trunnion Ball Valves

Hy-Lok ball valves provide leak-free seals for your piping systems. We ensure no cracking or reseal issues as all our valves are 100% factory tested for durability and safety.


102 Series

Our stainless steel 102 Series can withstand pressure up to 6,000 psi (413 bar), whereas our brass body can withstand up to 3,000 psi (207 bar) at 70 Fahrenheit. The floating ball design guarantees leakproof shut-off at all pressures. We offer a variety of end connections, including tube fittings, male/female NPT and ISO threads.

105 Series

The 105 series can be made using 316 stainless steel or alloy 400 and can withstand pressure up to 10,000 psi (690bar) at 100 Fahrenheit. You can also choose from the sizes offered, ranging from ¼” to 1” tubing and piping. Diverse patterns are also available at Hy-Lok, including 2-way, straight and angle, bottom entry and 3-way side entry.

112 Series

112 series valves are the perfect choice for fluid systems that require a pressure rating up to 3,000 psi (207 bar) at 70 Fahrenheit. We provide a silicon-free option for painting systems under ⅜” only, with a butterfly handle. You also have the opportunity to choose between 316 stainless steel, brass and alloy 400.

SO Series

Our SO series has a stem disc spring that compensates for temperature/pressure changes and a ground spring for anti-static. The chevron stem packing allows for low operating torque and compensates for wear. It has a self-locking device and padlocks to ensure optimal safety. Each valve is tested to ensure pressure rating up to 3,000 psi (206 bad) at 100 Fahrenheit.

T Series

The panel mounting nut in our T Series allows for easy installation. The handle with an arrow helps indicate the direction of the flow, allowing for low torque and quick operation. The handle is available in black and coloured if requested. The T series is an excellent option for fluid systems with a pressure rating of up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) at 100 Fahrenheit.

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