Hy-Lok: Your Trusted Source for Fittings and Valves

Ordering supplies for industries that require fluid and control system products can be pretty stressful. Finding a supplier that provides you with safe, reliable, customizable and available products is no longer a challenge when you partner with Hy-Lok Canada. Our products are manufactured in-house, allowing our experts to offer you a wide range of fittings, valves and connectors that follow the necessary safety requirements and standard specifications. We are also able to customize the parts you need according to your desired specifications and requirements. Here’s why you Hy-Lok Canada should be your 1st choice supplier.

1. Competitive Prices

Hy-Lok offers you an extensive range of cost-effective fittings and valves that can be made from brass, aluminum or stainless steel. Our fittings and valves are also 100% interchangeable with Swagelok, Parker and other manufacturers, saving you a lot of time and money you would’ve spent waiting for availability and shipping. Our partners trust Hy-Lok as all of our products are tested and certified by accredited bodies to ensure top-notch quality products.

2. All-Inclusive Inventory

Manufacturing products for the fluid and control system industry for more than 30 years, Hy-Lok has an extensive inventory with fittings and valves made-to-stock. Our products are always available to order and can be customized to your specifications. Hy-Lok’s inventory includes, but not limited to:

3. Nationwide Delivery

Hy-Lok has partnered with distributors nationwide to ensure seamless and quick delivery of products. Our customers trust their shipments to be delivered in a short period of time as our distributors can be found in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. You no longer have to worry about time wasted on shipments and delivery as Hy-Lok’s distributors are just around the corner.

4. Custom-made Products

All our products are manufactured in-house, allowing us to engineer your products to order. If you’re looking for tailored fittings/valves with certain specifications, we are able to manufacture and deliver your order in no time.

5. Wide Variety of Industries

Each industry has its precise requirements, safety standards and specifications of products used. Hy-Lok Canada has partnered with many companies all around Canada, ranging from oil & gas industries to biotechnology and instrumentation companies. We are proud to offer all the fittings/valves needed for your fluid and control system.

Find a distributor or contact our team for your next order of fittings and valves. Don’t forget to ask our team for more information about our contract pricing!