Hy-Lok Quick Connectors

Hy-Lok Canada is a leading producer and manufacturer of fitting and valve solutions for clients spanning a wide variety of industries across the globe. Our selection of products include three separate families of Quick Connectors, each designed to provide optimal performance regardless of your application. Learn more about our Quick Connector offerings below.

Three Products, One Goal: High Quality Solutions

Hy-Lok’s quick connector products are manufactured for use with laboratory equipment, portable test equipment, gauge calibration, sampling systems, bio-pharmaceutical applications and more. Each series of connector is designed for easy use, with no tools being required to couple or uncouple the components, and a minimal amount of equipment being required to shutdown. Hy-Lok’s connectors eliminate the possibility of over or under tightening, galling, or cross threading, making them reliable and efficient.

Meet Our Products

Hy-Lok manufactures and supplies three series of Quick Connectors:

  • The Q Series,
  • Keyed Q Series
  • QF Series

All components are constructed of 316 stainless steel or brass, with seal O-rings made of NBR, FFKM, Neoprene, or Ethylene Propylene. Both the Q and QF series feature SESO and DESO models, with SESO models having body only shut off and DESO models offering body and stem shut off to minimize spillage and air inclusion. For added convenience, the QF series features colour coding to reduce the risk of accidental mixing of incompatible media.

Additional specifications include:

  • Quick Connectors range in sizes from 1/4” to 1” wide.
  • Rated for use in environments as cold as -10°F (-23°C) and as hot as 400°F (204°C)
  • Durable up to a working pressure of 6,000 psig (413bar).

The Hy-Lok Difference

At Hy-Lok, we put quality first. We know how important it is to be able to rely on your fitting components, and believe in holding each item we manufacture to the highest standards. Every product is placed through rigorous testing prior to being shipped, and is designed to withstand the test of time. When it comes to quality you can trust, Hy-Lok is your first choice.

Learn more about our products by viewing our inventory, or by contacting our team directly.