Hy-Lok Instrument Thread and Weld Fittings: Built to Last

We offer a full line of pressure fittings for industrial applications, including 20K PSI fittings that meet industry quality standards. Our products facilitate a range of PSI thresholds, giving operators a versatile selection at the right price point. Below are the features and advantages of our fittings and how they help clients remain competitive.


Elbows, tees and crosses are available for tubing connections of all sizes. We use high-tensile 316 stainless steel for maximum durability. We also provide standard tubing glands and collars unless otherwise specified. Detailed specifications including tube size, diameter, length and height are available for review upon request. We make sure our clients have the best information available about performance and thresholds, to get the right fittings.

20K PSI fittings we offer include:

  • Glands
  • Collars
  • Plugs
  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Crosses
  • Straight and Union Couplings


In addition to high-tensile 316 stainless steel, we offer fittings in 304 stainless steel. Other materials common in our products include carbon steel, brass, alloy 400 and special alloys. As Canada’s leading source for high-pressure fittings, we provide the widest selection of products. We’ve been serving our clients since 1977, and during that time we’ve honed our product design to find the optimal balance between price, quality and durability.


The industries we serve across Canada and globally are some of the most vital for the economy, including national defense and aerospace. We work with companies engaged in bio-pharmaceutical and food production, as well as oil, gas and petroleum refining. Whether it’s aerospace engineering or instrumentation used in production facilities, our 20K PSI fittings are essential for quality production. We serve companies large and small, providing the optimal level of support for every type of budget and volume ordered.

Sour Gas Components

Resistant to corrosive materials and conditions, our sour gas components can handle strict PSI tolerances and repeated use, enhancing the productivity of clients’ operations. Common applications for these parts include oil, gas and petroleum facilities. We supply a variety of fittings that can withstand 10K PSI or higher, depending on clients’ needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the fittings they need to meet quality, safety and production requirements.

Other Fittings

We offer a variety of weld fittings, pipe fittings and tube fittings for diverse applications within operations. Many clients use an assortment of fittings that include 20K PSI models, and similar components, to optimize their operations. Given the technical nature and design of our parts, we help clients pick fittings based on a variety of design specifications. This support is an essential part of our business, and we are available to explain design elements when needed.

Benefits of Hy-Lok

For every application and industry, we provide reliable support and a trusted source for pre-setting tools, connectors, valves and fittings. We also expedite shipping when needed, helping our customers meet deadlines and enhance productive capacity. Our long list of international certifications, and our adherence to ASME safety standards, underscores our commitment to quality and to our customers. Given the wide variety of parts and models we offer, we provide a highly flexible source of supplies and support.

Advantages of sourcing from us:

  • Cost-effective tools and parts
  • Versatile and robust inventories
  • Dependable quality
  • Fulfillment of custom orders and specifications
  • Multiple Canadian distribution points

For additional information on 20K PSI fittings and the benefits of Hy-Lok tools and parts, please contact us today. There is no substitute for quality or reliability when it comes to industrial fittings. We have the design experience and acumen to meet or exceed customer requirements.