Hy-Lok Canada’s Precision Needle Valves

Needle valves are commonly used to precisely regulate fluid flow in the plumbing, automotive, chemical, medical, and related industries. Because their function revolves around precision, the demand for high-quality needle valves remains high. No matter what the industry or fluid system, a reliable needle valve will add value to your operation through lower maintenance costs, less downtime, and optimal performance throughout its operating life. Conversely, inferior components will cost your organization time and money through unnecessary repairs, downtime, and even system failure.

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has been a premier supplier of reliable fluid control components, including multiple lines of needle valves for various applications and specifications. No matter what your next project needs, our extensive inventory of valves and fittings offers top-quality components at a competitive price, all backed by world-class customer service.

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Needle Valves for Every Application

Hy-Lok Canada has over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing components for numerous Canadian industrial sectors, including oil and gas, mining, instrumentation, and biotechnology. Today, we leverage that knowledge and expertise to engineer high-performance needle valves suitable for a wide variety of applications.

We offer numerous lines of products suitable for nearly every type of fluid system. Our needle valves are manufactured with only the highest-grade alloys, including 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, and alloy 400. With pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi and capacity to handle temperatures up to 1,200°F, Hy-Lok has needle valve solutions that are perfect for a wide variety of applications, meeting all applicable standards and regulations.

Hy-Lok Canada also custom-fabricates components for unique and challenging applications using a wide variety of materials and temperature/pressure ratings. Over 40 years of cross-industry experience allows us to select, engineer, and deliver high-quality, durable custom needle valves designed for seamless integration into any fluid system.

Reliable Quality

Long-lasting, leak-free performance is essential for needle valves in any application. To ensure quality for our customers, all Hy-Lok components undergo rigorous durability and leak testing under the harshest conditions. By the time our products reach your fluid system, they have been verified to be 100% leak-free and ready to meet your operation’s most demanding requirements. Backed by warranty and extensive customer service and support, Hy-Lok needle valves offer unrivaled performance and extended life cycles, even in the most challenging operating environments.

Built to Serve Canada

Hy-Lok’s national network of distributors ensures top-quality components are readily available for operations across Canada and around the world. With expedited shipping available, your business can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality fluid system components quickly to keep your operation running efficiently.

Need Precision Needle Valves?

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