Hy-Lok Canada: Your Partner for Reliable Carbon Steel Tube Connectors

For over 50 years, Hy-Lok has been recognized as one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of fluid control system solutions in Canada and the rest of the world. Our advanced manufacturing technology makes us proud to offer one of the most robust fittings inventories available in the North American market. 

Finding the parts you need for your system’s application has never been easier than with Hy-Lok Canada. Our products are designed to be 100% interchangeable with components from other manufacturers, allowing for seamless integration and superior performance. Additionally, we can custom-manufacture components for our customers that require exotic materials or a specific composition. 

Please continue reading to learn more about our tube fittings and the specific benefits of carbon steel finishing.

Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok manufactures a wide range of tube fittings that meet the specifications required of the many industries and applications we serve, like oil and gas, petrochemical, hydrogen, aerospace, instrumentation, and so much more. 

Our fittings are available in various finishes, including 316 stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel, for your convenience. To ensure a leak-tight connection and seal, each Hy-Lok tube fitting comprises four pieces: body, front ferrule, back ferrule, and nut. 

Many factors influence the fitting an application requires, like pressure ratings, temperature, material, and the fluid or gas the system controls. From standard everyday use to withstanding harsh temperature demands like -425°F to 1200°F, Hy-Lok’s tube fittings have you covered.

Carbon vs Stainless Steel: What’s the difference?

Stainless steel is the most popular alloy used in manufacturing because of its durability, easy-to-clean nature, and shiny finish. However, with a slight change in alloy composition, carbon steel outperforms standard stainless in applications requiring a more robust metal. 

Carbon steel is instrumental in the industrial sector, as it performs well in demanding environments that may otherwise damage other alloys. Depending on the application, you can source carbon steel tube connectors from Hy-Lok with low, medium, high, and ultra-high carbon content. 

Benefits of Carbon Steel

  • Durable: Carbon steel is a popular choice for heavy-duty industrial applications like construction and automotive industries due to its extreme durability and shock-resistant properties. It is also not prone to corrosion and rotting as much as other metals.
  • Economical: Unlike most other metals, carbon steel can be made very thin while maintaining its tensile strength. Carbon steel is a cost-effective choice for manufacturing and purchasing, especially when aesthetics don’t matter. 
  • Green: Carbon steel is an environmentally friendly material that is 100% recyclable and easily reusable in various other applications. Additionally, it is an energy-efficient material that requires less energy to produce compared to other materials like copper or aluminum.
  • Safe: Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the world, and for good reason. It is safe to handle and work with many industrial applications thanks to its durability, flexibility, reliability, and eco-friendliness.

Hy-Lok: Your Reliable Source for Carbon Steel Components

At Hy-Lok, we understand that our customers depend on speedy, efficient service to source replacement parts quickly, because time is of the essence. All our locations carry an expansive supply of standard components, because production shouldn’t have to be delayed due to an unavailable part.

We have a reliable inventory of carbon steel tube connectors and other components that you can count on. Contact Hy-Lok Canada to learn more about our range of tube fittings, including our carbon steel options today.