​Hy-Lok Ball and Plug Valve Solutions

Since 1977, Hy-Lok has built a name as one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers in the fitting and valve industry. With leading solutions and a quality you can count on, Hy-Lok Canada’s products stand above the crowd. Learn more about our ball and valve plugs, including our line of double block and bleed solutions below.

Versatile and Reliable

As two of the most in demand products on the market, ball and plug valves ensure a leak proof seal while also controlling the flow of liquids and gasses. With applications for multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, hydraulic, refrigeration, and more, Hy-Lok’s valves are built to last. All valves are factory tested at 1000lbs to ensure a leak proof seal, as well as backed by a warranty you can trust. With custom fits available, you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect match for your needs.

Hy-Lok Valve Features

Hy-Lok Valves offer a variety of end connections, pressure ratings, handles, and more. With base materials ranging from 316 stainless steel to carbon steel, brass, and special alloys, Hy-Lok is one the few manufacturers capable of designing, developing and delivering custom fabricated valves to match your unique specifications.

Double Block and Bleed Valves

Hy-Lok produces compact and integrated designs for double block and bleed valves to ensure optimal performance. Suitable for temperatures from -70.6°F to +1,002°F, and pressures to 10,000 psig, our products reduce overall fluid system weight and height, provide fewer leak paths and eliminate the damaging effects of system vibration.

Hy-Lok DBB valves are manufactured under the rigorous controls of our ISO 9001 and ASME certified quality assurance program to ensure process integrity. In addition to sourcing only premium quality materials, our Heat Code Traceability system provides technical documentation verifying that raw materials meet all code requirements. We stand behind our valves, and pride ourselves on producing industry leading products at competitive prices for your benefit.

Learn more about our valve products by viewing our inventory or contacting our team today.