High-Quality Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic fitting connections are used daily in almost all industries. They are typically used to connect conductors such as tubes, pipes and hoses to any hydraulic system. These connections help direct and contain the flow of hydraulic fluid in the conductor while maintaining the pressure and preventing leaks. Learn more about the common types of hydraulic fittings below!

Joint Industrial Conference (JIC) Flares

One of the most popular hydraulic connection styles is the JIC 37º flare fittings. They are designed using parallel threads and a 37º cone on the fitting’s end that attaches to the flared tube or the hose fitting.

O-Ring Face Seals

Another hydraulic fitting that attaches to hose fittings and flanged tubing is the O-ring face seal fitting. It has a flat sealing surface that contains an embedded seal to reduce the risk of over-torquing and prevents leakage.

Inch Compression

The inch compression hydraulic fitting is a bite-type fitting that can be assembled onto hard hydraulic tubing in the field. While inch compression fittings can be assembled with minimal tooling required, they only connect to limited hose connections.

NPT Pipe Threads

NPT pipe threads are the traditional tapered thread fittings that have been used for more than 100 years. They are available in many materials, including stainless steel, high-pressure steel and brass. Most pneumatic and hydraulic systems use NPT threads.

Different Attachment Styles

Each hydraulic fitting has a different attachment style. Some fittings require a crimping machine or a press to attach the fitting to the hose firmly. A field attachable fitting doesn’t require a machine to attach the fitting to the hose. In most cases, field attachable fittings are compatible with most hoses.

Factors to Consider when purchasing a fitting

Before purchasing your next order of hydraulic fittings, you should first consider the following factors:


NPT and JIC hydraulic fittings have been used in the industry for ages and are field standards across the globe. Due to their popularity, NPT and JIC fittings are always readily available for order at Hy-Lok Canada. Since 1977, Hy-Lok has manufactured and distributed hydraulic fittings to many companies across North America.

Pressure Rating

Pressure rating is critical when deciding on a hydraulic fitting. For instance, JIC and NPT fittings are not designed for high-pressure ratings or high-vibration applications. Contact our team to learn more about our hydraulic fittings, which are designed to withstand extreme pressure and vibration.

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