High-Quality Cryogenic Needle Valves at Hy-Lok Canada

Industries across Western Canada rely heavily on fluid system components to help moderate and control the fluid’s pressure and temperature in many applications. Hy-Lok Canada is proud to provide high-quality fluid system components, including cryogenic needles and ball valves, that offer exceptional performance for competitive prices. Discover the benefits of partnering with Hy-Lok and our wide variety of fluid system components, including cryogenic needle valves, below!

Long-Lasting Fluid System Components

If there’s one thing Hy-Lok excels at, it’s manufacturing durable fluid system components that are long-lasting, even in the most challenging conditions. Fluid control is essential in many factories and plants as different applications require unique modes of operation. For instance, some applications are designed to endure extremely cold temperatures that start as low as -230ºF. These applications typically require cryogenic needle valves as they are built to regulate fluids in extremely cold temperatures, such as Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Hy-Lok’s cryogenic needle valves are also designed to perform under pressure ratings as high as 750 psi without affecting its reliable seal. If you’re looking to transport LNG and CNG, Hy-Lok’s cryogenic needle valves will ensure a safe and efficient transportation process.

Hy-Lok’s Cryogenic Needle Valves

Hy-Lok’s inventory is one of the largest and most diverse mobile inventories in Western Canada. We proudly offer a variety of cryogenic needle valves that are manufactured with the highest quality materials to offer you reliable fluid control even in the most challenging operating conditions.

We understand the frustration of not having inventory or having to halt your process for logistical reasons, which is why all our components are easily interchangeable to help you avoid such circumstances. Hy-Lok is designed to be 100% interchangeable with other manufacturers’ components, including Swagelok. Our cryogenic needle valves are not only easily integrated within any application, but they are also easy to maintain. With a fire safety designed to API 607/6FA standards and in compliance with Bs 6755 part 2, Hy-Lok’s cryogenic needle valves will ensure that your fluid control system is safe and efficient.

Trust Hy-Lok

At Hy-Lok Canada, we work closely with our customers to ensure that all their fluid system needs are met. Various industry-leading companies in Canada choose Hy-Lok as their number-one manufacturer and supplier of fluid system components, as we offer a range of products that are always readily available. Our vast network of distributors across the country allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfill all orders. We also offer custom orders for those looking for unique specifications or sizes.

Ready to Partner with Hy-Lok?

Contact our team today to place your next order of cryogenic needle valves! You can also learn more about our products and fluid control components on our online inventory.