High-Quality Air Manifolds in Canada

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has engineered high-performance fluid control system components for a variety of applications in many industries across North America. We deliver high-performance fittings, valves and other fluid system components that are commonly used in the oil and gas, biotech, instrumentation and other heavy industries.

Hy-Lok’s M Series Instrument Manifolds offer high-quality performance at a competitive price for fluid systems requiring durable and reliable air manifolds. If you’re looking for durable industrial manifolds, look no further! Read on to learn more about the many benefits of Hy-Lok’s M Series Instrument Manifolds.

What Is A Manifold?

Industrial applications often require components that can control the flow of gasses and fluids while operating hydraulic and pneumatic systems. In cases that demand multiple operations to be performed simultaneously, a manifold is incorporated into the system to control the fluid flow and provide an easier and more efficient operation.

Manifolds are typically gas or fluid distribution systems that connect many valves into a single channel where all points meet. Depending on the application, manifolds can range from simple supply chambers with many outlets to multiple-chambered flow control units. Plants and factories use manifolds to divide one supply input into several outputs. Some complex systems integrate integral valves or an electronic network interface to enhance operation.

Manifolds Manufacturing

Several key components are used to manufacture manifolds. A hollow container like a tube or pipe is used to move the fluid, while elbows, tees, crosses, plugs and other parts are used to fit the tube to the manifold. One or more valves are then attached to the manifold to control the flow of the fluids through the ports. Switches, pressure gauges and other devices are connected to the manifolds to track the measurements of the gasses or fluids.

At Hy-Lok Canada, we manufacture instrument manifolds that offer customers both direct and remote mounting configurations. We have engineered our M Series instrument manifolds to withstand temperatures up to 1200ºF, making them a perfect fit for high-pressure and high-performance fluid systems. All Hy-Lok components, including our M series industrial manifolds, undergo rigorous batch testing to ensure the durability of our products, even under the harshest conditions. As Hy-Lok Canada is both a distributor and manufacturer of fluid system components, we are able to custom-manufacture instrument manifolds that meet the demands of your fluid system.

Partner With Hy-Lok Canada

Hy-Lok Canada does not only provide fluid system solutions for industries across North America; we aim to create life-long partnerships with clients. Our comprehensive inventory management ensures that our partners always get the parts they need where and when they need them. Expedited shipping and mobile inventory management services are also available if you’re working within a tight deadline. Our full range of instrument fluid control system components are 100% interchangeable with Swagelok, and other manufacturers’ components to ensure that all our components can seamlessly integrate into your operating system.

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