High Performance Hydraulic SAE Flanges Are Available at Hy-Lok Canada

As the leading supplier and manufacturer of fluid systems components, Hy-Lok is proud to bring you the best quality hydraulic SAE flanges on the market. Hydraulic flanges are used as a connector for various components, ensuring uninterrupted, leakproof flow. Our hydraulic SAE flanges are tried and tested and ready to bring high-performance reliability to your worksite.

What Are Hydraulic SAE Flanges?

Hydraulic SAE flanges work in high-pressure applications to ensure a seamless connection between fluid systems components. They are classified under SAE standards to work in high-pressure and are trusted in various industries to get the job done.

These components can be used in assembling pipes, hoses, or other machinery parts. As the preferred connector in many tools and machinery, hydraulic SAE flanges are easy to install and can be assembled without complication. Thanks to these easy and efficient flanges and their bolt composition, you do not need to use threaded connectors.

Compatibility for Optimal Convenience

Hy-Lok is committed to making your experience as simple as possible. That’s why all of our hydraulic flanges are constructed with compatibility in mind. Our hydraulic flange fittings are 100% compatible with Swagelok as well as several other fluid system components from various manufacturers.

This compatibility feature delivers optimal usage so that our hydraulic SAE flanges can work perfectly, no matter your components. Compatibility also saves you money as you can avoid purchasing new components to resolve assembly complications between intermixed components.

Meets Industry Standards

A large part of ensuring reliability on all of our components also means manufacturing our products with industry specifications in mind. Our hydraulic flanges are made to follow SAE J518, ISO 6162, ISO 6164, and DIN specifications so that you can use your flanges on various applications. Trust us to bring you fluid systems components that meet and surpass industry standards and specifications every time.

Partner With the Best

Hy-Lok has been supplying and manufacturing fluid systems components since 1977. We have manufactured our products and supplied them to industries across the world. Hy-Lok Canada is proud to host one of the most diverse inventories of fluid systems components in North America. Our commitment to high-quality, high-performance components has made us the preferred source for systems components by industry leaders across the continent.

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