Ferrule Fittings at Hy-Lok

Hy-Lok offers a full catalogue of Ferrule fittings that are used in sophisticated industries, and we back our products with a quality guarantee. The specs on our fittings vary, giving operators options for materials, tolerances and functionality. Below are some of the options available in our catalogue.

Products & Features

Our fittings have fine threads to ensure a leak proof seal and multiple connection end options. There are a variety of configurations and wide temperature ranges, making our fittings viable for applications in different industries. Multiple thicknesses and materials further add versatility to our ferrule fitting catalogue. Our products are easy to search and source, giving operators maximum flexibility when ordering parts. All of our products are backed by a quality guarantee and warranty.

Fittings we offer include:

Fitting Materials

We use standard materials such as 316 or 304 stainless steel in our products, but there are other varieties to choose from. Special alloys, brass and carbon steel are some examples. We work closely with our clients to identify the right materials given the production requirements. Given that we work with precision manufacturers with strict specifications, we manufacture fittings using the highest-grade materials. There is no substitute for ferrule fittings that are durable and can withstand repeated use.

Common Applications

High-pressure and medium-pressure fitting models are available for application in heavy industries. Our parts are used in agricultural equipment, research facilities and compressor manufacturing. Food production, petroleum refiners and aerospace manufacturers also use our products. Given this wide array of applications, we work diligently to ensure our products have a long useful life. The importance of these applications, and the products being produced, demand fittings that meet or exceed industry reliability standards.

Supply Chain Support

 We understand that stocking parts inventory can be expensive. As such, we work with our clients to integrate into their supply chain management system. We stock parts inventory reducing clients’ holding costs, while ensuring parts are available when needed. One of the major components of quality assurance is a well-constructed supply chain, and we get to know clients’ operations, so we can anticipate needs and fulfill orders. We are a trusted partner and a vital supplier of parts that significantly impact production.

Advantages of Hy-Lok

Since 1977, we’ve supported sophisticated industries with a range of valves, fittings, connectors and pre-setting tools. Whether it’s standardized high-pressure valves, or customized fittings for applications in precision manufacturing, our commitment to quality is evident in every product. We also value customer service, and we offer expedited shipping for clients that need components quickly to keep operations flowing.

Benefits we offer:

  • Multiple Canadian distribution centers
  • Custom fabrication and parts
  • Robust and versatile inventory
  • Dependable quality

To learn more about Ferrule fittings and the quality of Hy-Lok products, please contact us today. We have a comprehensive catalogue that gives clients multiple options in terms of price, capabilities and materials. Source your components from an industry leader known for quality.