Ensuring the Right Fit for Your Tube-to-Tube Fittings with Hy-Lok

When selecting tube-to-tube fittings for your facility or operation, ensuring the proper fit is essential. From using components that meet industry standards and regulations to ensuring proper fitting and calibration, the correct (and correctly used) tube-to-tube fittings will have an immediate positive impact on your operation.

Hy-Lok offers a full catalogue of tube-to-tube fittings for use in sophisticated industries, and we back our products with a quality guarantee. We offer a wide variety of specifications on our fittings, giving operators options for materials, tolerances, and performance.

The Industry Standard for All Requirements

Before you can worry about fit, you need to make sure that you have the right parts for your application. Every fitting in your operation should meet your performance needs while remaining fully compliant with all regulations and specifications.

Hy-Lok’s extensive inventory of tube-to-tube fittings is one of the largest in North America. They are designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of specifications and industry standards, including DIN 2353, ECE R110 compliance for NGV applications, EIHP compliance for hydrogen purposes, and more. Not sure what your industry requires? Our representatives can help you find high-performance tube-to-tube fittings that meet specifications and keep your operation running smoothly.

Made to Any Specifications, Including Yours

Every fluid system is different. Some systems may require unique and hard-to-find components for optimum performance. Using the wrong tube-to-tube fittings may lead to subpar operation, decreased productivity, or even equipment malfunction and damage.

To help our customers get the right fit in every situation, Hy-Lok Canada offers custom-fabricated components for unique and challenging applications. With a wide variety of materials, wall thicknesses, and temperature/pressure ratings available, we’re proud to offer high-quality, durable tube-to-tube fittings designed for seamless integration into any fluid system.

Presetting Tools for Maximum Performance

While offline tool presetting can feel like an unnecessary expense, integrating it into your process can help prevent complications that ultimately slow down your facility’s production. Having correctly set ferrules in your tube-to-tube fittings will maximize your system’s performance, and help to avoid delays and malfunctions along the way.

Hy-Lok Canada offers three types of presetting tools: manual, hydraulic, and electrical. Each tool is specialized for their respective applications and factory-tested before shipping. Our presetting tools are designed to enhance your tube system installations and ensure optimal performance.

With an extensive network of distributors across the country, Hy-Lok is the clear choice for Canadian industry. This ensures standard tube fittings are always readily available, and custom orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. With expedited shipping available, your operation can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality tube fittings for projects across Canada.

Discover the Hy-Lok difference today. Contact our team to learn more.