Ensuring System Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability: Hy-Lok Double Block & Bleed Valves

Double block & bleed valves are among the most versatile and valuable components in a high-pressure fluid control system. If you need to bleed a valve cavity, isolate fluid pressure upstream or downstream, or perform another type of valve maintenance, you need an integral double block and bleed valve (DBB) from Hy-Lok Canada.

Hy-Lok uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture DBB valves with superior quality, reliability and longevity. Continue reading to learn more about Hy-Lok Canada’s double block and bleed valve catalogue.

What is a Double Block & Bleed Valve?

According to API 6D, double block and bleed valves (DBB) are defined as a “single valve with two seating surfaces that, in the closed position, provides a seal against pressure from both ends of the valve with a means of venting/bleeding the cavity between the seating surfaces.”

Hy-Lok offers a compact range of one-piece forged body Integral block & bleed valves featuring a choice of end connections, body styles and valve technology. The beauty of the double block & bleed valve is that it’s essentially three valves in one! 

As DBB valves are forged in one piece, they weigh less than multiple stacked valves, which reduces the amount of stress on the pipes, reduces the number of leak paths, and provides a shorter installation time.

Notable Features of the Double Block & Bleed Valve

Whether you are looking to maximize system efficiency or need to replace an old valve, Hy-Lok’s products guarantee superior performance with the following features:

  • Pressure ratings up to 10,000 PSIF at 100°F
  • Temperature ratings from -20°F to 450°F, -65°F to 500°F, and -65F° to 850°F
  • Sizes ranging from ⅛” through ⅓” 
  • Finishings in stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy 400 materials
  • Chrome-plated stem threads and tips for maximum service life 
  • Various end connections, including male/female ISO, SAE and MPT threads

Rigorous Quality Assurance Testing

Hy-Lok is committed to excellence in every step of the manufacturing process, from start to finish. Our quality control system ensures that we consistently produce the high product quality that our customers expect every single time. 

Testing is conducted by qualified personnel through various test equipment, advanced measurement facilities, and industry-specific tests. As Hy-Lok products are found in critical and non-critical industrial applications, we guarantee all our products are 100% leak-tight and long-lasting, keeping your crew and site safe. 

Hy-Lok strictly adheres to ISO 9001, API 6D, and CE procedures when conducting quality assurance procedures. All major pressure-containing components are also traceable through unique identification coding and material test certification, as per EN 10204 3.1.B. 

Hy-Lok: Superior Quality Trusted Worldwide

Hy-Lok has garnered a worldwide reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer of high-quality valve and fittings solutions since 1977. Our parts are 100% interchangeable with other brands like Swagelok and Parker, making replacing parts a breeze when you’re in a hurry. 

Contact Hy-Lok today to learn more about our double block & bleed valve catalogue and which valve will best fit your application.