How To Ensure A Leak Free Seal With High Pressure NPT Fittings

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of fluid system components, Hy-Lok specializes in standard and non-standard valve packages. Our commitment to quality is exemplified in all our products, and we can custom fabricate high-pressure valves to meet customer requirements. Given the importance of high-pressure valves, we use only the highest-grade materials and production processes.


We have a large inventory of valves in a variety of models, allowing our clients to source products quickly and effectively. We also facilitate varying PSI thresholds from 10K to 60K. This versatility makes it easier for clients to meet design specs, and high-quality materials are available for special projects. Common materials used for our valves include carbon steel, brass, 316 stainless steel and alloy 400. Other materials may be available upon request, and we can provide recommendations given the requirements.

Popular high-pressure valves include:

  • Ball and plug valves
  • Bellows valves
  • Bleed and purge valves
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Check and relief valves


We test our valves as part of a comprehensive quality control program aimed optimizing products for clients. All of our valves come with a fail-safe warranty to ensure that clients get the service and reliability they deserve. Our belief in quality management, and the use of process excellence best practices, enables us to provide an unmatched level of customer service. Precision matters when it comes to high-pressure valves, and we meet or exceed customer expectations when it comes to quality.


Companies using our valves are wide-ranging and depend on high-quality parts to run operations. High-pressure valves are used in hydraulic, pneumatic and refrigeration applications. We serve oil, gas, petroleum, aerospace and construction companies among many others. These businesses require parts machined to precision measurements, and we have the production tools and techniques to meet thresholds gauged in thousandths of an inch.

Sour Gas Components

For production facilities dealing with sour gas, our high-pressure valves are an essential design element. These often-corrosive environments have contaminants that can degrade lesser quality valves and fittings. As a result, we use materials and manufacturing processes that can withstand sour gas and high-pressure tolerances. Safety is important in these situations, and our valves meet industry standards. Many of our parts are designed with delicate operations in-mind to mitigate risks to our clients.

Supply Chain Management

Since we house parts inventory, we reduce the cost of stocking parts for clients. As a result, we are an integral part of the supply chain. We learn customer requirements and their delivery expectations, minimizing costs and increasing efficiencies whenever possible. Whether we provide large volume orders to companies with distributed operations, or to single facilities with small batch production, we can integrate into supply chains effectively. The better supply chains function, the better productivity that our clients realize over the long run.

Benefits of Hy-Lok

When sourcing components as critical as high-pressure valves for use in instrumentation, aerospace vehicles or in expensive oil and gas production facilities, working with a trusted supplier is a must. Our clients have come to expect only the best from us. We expedite shipping when needed, so that clients can address emergency situations and immediately increase productivity. Our representatives also work closely with operators, to identify the optimal parts for production.

Additional benefits of working with us:

  • Dependable quality
  • Multiple Canadian distribution points
  • Dedication to customer service
  • Custom orders and specifications
  • Cost-effective parts and solutions

Companies looking for reliable high-pressure valves that meet industry quality and safety requirements turn to Hy-Lok. We have the skills, experience and business acumen needed to provide industry-leading pre-setting tools, fittings and components. Contact us today for more information.