Do You Need Flared or Flareless Tube Fittings for your Application?

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has remained an industry leader in manufacturing and supplying top-quality components for high-performance hydraulic systems from coast to coast. From the heavy-duty, high-pressure requirements of the aerospace and petrochemical industries to the reliability and precision needed in the cryogenic and food processing industries, Hy-Lok manufactures industry-leading flareless and flared tube fittings that deliver unbeatable performance to any operation.

Our SAE J514 flareless and JIC 37ºF Flared tube fittings are among the most popular products in our extensive fittings inventory. Read on to learn more about our flareless and flared tube fittings and which component is best suited for your application.

What Are Flared Tube Fittings?

Flared tube fittings have tapered ends that fit into flared tubing pieces and are secured with sleeves and flare fittings (threaded nuts) to produce leak-tight, pressure-resistant seals. Tube fittings are flared by inserting a flaring tool (usually a rolling cone or mandrel) using a cold working procedure. Many industries also use pneumatic flaring tools instead of rolling cones or mandrels.

Flared tube fittings are often used in inaccessible locations and offer long-term reliability to many aerospace and hydraulic applications. They’re a great option to use with industrial and construction equipment as well as heavy machinery. Flared tube fittings are the most commonly used fittings in high-temperature applications. Ideally used to connect thin- to medium-diameter wall tubing, flared tube fittings are the perfect choice for applications that undergo high-pressure ratings.

Petrochemical, water, fertilizers and other fluid applications rely on flared tube fittings to join both hydraulic tubes and hose systems. One of the most common flared tube fittings is Hy-Lok’s JIC 37º flared tube fitting. The three main components of our reliable and leak-free flared tube fittings are the ferrule, the body and the nut. All three parts are designed to create a robust metal-to-metal seal as the nut draws the flared tubing, fitting the body and sleeve together.

What Are Flareless Tube Fittings?

Flareless tube fittings, also known as single-ferrule bite-type tube fittings, use a single nut and ferrule to make a leak-free connection. Commonly referred to as compression fittings, flareless tube fittings eliminate the need for flaring when connecting tubes in a hydraulic system. Unlike flared tube fittings, flareless tube fittings require less time and care as connections are easy to make and can be used with a wide variety of fitting types.

Ideally used with systems that undergo high vibration, flareless tube fittings are extensively used to connect tubing to threaded components such as valves. They’re also a better solution for thicker tubing than flared tube fittings as they don’t require flaring tube ends.

Hy-Lok’s flareless tube fittings are manufactured to the SAE J514 standard and perform efficiently under extreme vibrations, thermal shocks and pressure bursts. Manufactured from stainless steel, brass or steel, our flareless tube fittings are designed to operate safely in pressures up to 8700 psi and temperatures up to 800 ºF.

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