CRN Numbers: What They Are and Why They Matter

No matter the application, fluid system operators have two key priorities: performance and safety. When selecting fittings for your fluid system, every component must be engineered for optimal throughput and pressure control while protecting workers and equipment in the most demanding applications.

In Canada, the Canadian Registration Number Directory provides a list of approved fittings and components for many industrial applications. When selecting new or replacement fittings for your fluid system, it is a valuable resource to ensure you have the correct components for the job. Read on to learn more about CRN numbers for fluid system fittings, as well as the CRN-approved components manufactured and distributed by Hy-Lok Canada.

CRN in Canada

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) are issued by authorized safety authorities in each province/territory for boilers, pressure vessels, and fittings that operate at 15 psig (1 barg) or more. If your fluid system operates at or above 15 psig, you may require a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) to legally install and use components.

While not every industry requires CRN numbers for fittings and other fluid system components, the numbers and approvals themselves indicate quality and safety. CRN numbers verify that a design or component has been thoroughly inspected and certified for use in pressurized applications; in short, they indicate that a fitting meets quality and safety standards for your fluid system.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers in Canada have not attained CRN approval for their fittings and other fluid system components. While this doesn’t necessarily indicate inferior quality, these manufacturers’ fittings have not undergone the same testing and analysis as those with CRN numbers. This is particularly common with value-oriented fittings manufacturers; they are often designed to be compatible with other manufacturers’ components but lack the quality and safety certification found with big-name suppliers’ components.

High-Performance Fittings with Hy-Lok

At Hy-Lok Canada, our mission is to design and manufacture top-quality fittings that provide exceptional value without sacrificing performance or safety. Our fitting inventory is one of the largest in North America, with an extensive range of CRN-certified fittings for a wide variety of applications.

Hy-Lok Canada’s fittings are designed to be 100% interchangeable with other manufacturers’ components, including Swagelok, Bi-Lok, and S-Lok fittings. Hy-Lok fittings can be intermixed in all sizes while providing equal or superior performance compared to our competition. In many cases, Hy-Lok fittings feature CRN-quality approval missing from our competition’s components. Our fittings fit perfectly into your fluid system, providing exceptional value and performance.

Built to Serve Canada

Hy-Lok’s nationwide network of representatives and distributors is committed to supplying our customers with the right fittings and components for any application. With complete inventory management services available, Hy-Lok Canada is committed to providing value-adding solutions, every step of the way.

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