Choosing the Right Ball Valve: Comparing the SO Series vs. 105 Series

Ball valves are a small but mighty piece of equipment used across a wide breadth of industries like oil & gas, pharmaceutical, biotech, and especially food and beverage. Whether misting vegetables or washing down cattle, ball valves are commonly used for cleaning purposes in the food industry. Not all ball valves are equal, and Hy-Lok carries five different ball valve series. 

Keep reading to learn the key similarities and differences between two Hy-Lok Ball Valve series: the 105 Series and the SO Series.

The 105 Series: High-Pressure Ball Valves for General Service

The 105 Series of high-pressure ball valves for general service are simple yet effective and available in a 2-way or 3-way system. They are compatible with various end connections, including fractional/metric Hy-Lok tube fittings, male and female NPT, ISO, and BSP threads.

The robust body is best suited for high-pressure applications and is available in diverse patterns like a 2-way straight, 2-way angle, bottom entry 3-way, or a side entry 3-way. A quarter-turn handle with a PVC colour coat allows easy and quick operation with low torque and is operable with a pneumatic actuator. 

Other small details include the floating ball design to ensure a leakproof shut-off at high pressure, a max orifice that minimizes the pressure drop, and replaceable seats and packings to suit your temperature requirements. The 105 series has a pressure rating of 10,000 psig, and a temperature rating from -22°F to 265°F with a PVDF seat or from -65°F to 500°F with a PEEK seat.

If you are looking for a simple quarter-turn ball valve with a small, compact design and robust temperature rating, Hy-Lok’s 105 Series is what you need.

The SO Series: Swing Out Ball Valves

The SO Series: Swing Out Ball Valves caters to a more extensive selection of needs with six distinct ball valve configurations. The swing-out three-piece design allows for easy and fast maintenance replacements of seats, seals and the ball without significant disruptions in line. Additional options like an oval handle and maintenance kits are also available for purchase. 

Hy-Lok cleverly engineered the swing-out series to have a live-loaded design that utilizes a stem disc spring, ground spring, and chevron stem packing to compensate for wear, pressure and temperature changes. The SO series has a pressure rating up to 3000 psig at 100°F. 

Other features include:

  • support ring to prevent bulging and wear.
  • precision machined ball to reduce torque and increase sealing.
  • center body for the swing-out design.
  • self-locking device and padlock for additional security.

The main difference between the 105 and SO series comes down to the ease of maintenance and a more excellent range of options for specific configurations. If your main goal is maintaining a fast-paced production speed, the swing-out ball valves are your best choice.

Primary Ball Valve Material: 316 Stainless Steel

In the Food and Beverage industry, it is essential to use durable and hygienic materials, which is why 316 stainless steel is the primary material used. 316 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, high durability, ductility, and hygienic properties, making it ideal for industrial environments.

Quality You Can Trust

Since 1979, Hy-Lok has been an industry leader in manufacturing, selling and distributing high-quality, high-pressure fitting and valve products to various industries worldwide. Hy-Lok has a global reputation for consistently manufacturing products at a high level of quality, system development, design and performance. Every single Hy-Lok product goes through rigorous testing and quality control and is 100% traceable to ensure Hy-Lok’s consistent high quality.

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