Choose Hy-Lok for High-Quality Tube Fittings You Can Trust

Hy-Lok offers an extensive catalogue of tube fittings. As an industry leader, our trusted fluid system components have been used all over the world. With an inventory that serves a wide variety of industries, we work to give you fittings that you can rely on, no matter the application. Take a look at the benefits of partnering with the leading producers and suppliers of tube fittings below.

Our Impressive Inventory

Whether you are looking for tube fittings as an expert in industries such as the petrochemical, chemical, oil refinery, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, or any other sector, we are able to meet your needs.

With one of the largest inventories in North America, Hy-Lok Canada is trusted as an expert in safety and efficiency. We offer our exceptional fluid system components in various materials, densities, pressures and temperature ratings. We offer tube fittings, pipe fittings, 37 ° flare fittings/SAE J514 fittings, weld fittings, and many more.

Our tube fittings fit many applications, including agricultural equipment, instrumentation, pneumatic, hydraulic, compressor manufacturing, research facilities, among many others. With these options and the adaptable options we offer, Hy-Lok establishes itself as a global leader in supplying fluid systems components.

Excellent Quality and Performance

We know how important it is to introduce reliable fluid systems components to your worksite. Hy-Lok makes sure our products are tested to ensure safety and reliable performance in all applications. Our products have passed all relevant certifications and standards and work to give you the best quality performance possible.

Canada-Wide Service

Innovative and easy to use, our tube fittings continue to lead the way as trusted components for safety and efficiency. But our impressive catalogue of tube fittings is just one of the reasons domestic and international clients trust the Hy-Lok name.

Hy-Lok Canada is proud to partner with a strong network of distributors across the country who share our vision for great service. Our distributors are committed to supporting customers in every way and are able to provide excellent support to make sure your needs are met quickly.

Partner with Hy-Lok Canada

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