3 Tips on Sourcing Correct Block & Bleed Valves For Industrial Applications

For industries with critical applications, valves and fittings are essential to control and properly regulate the flow of high-pressure fluid systems. Having the capability to precisely control fluid using mechanical or electrical actuation to stop, restrict, throttle, or allow a specific amount of fluid through a pipeline is crucial. 

It can be challenging to know which valve components your application requires. Continue reading to learn the top three things you need to know before purchasing a block and bleed valve from Hy-Lok. 

Choosing the Right Component

To properly select the correct block and bleed valve needed for your application, you must know about the system’s pressure rating, temperature and fluid. All Hy-Lok products are rated for high-pressure and temperature applications, but not all components are equal!

Pressure Rating

Most valves are being over-engineered right now to withstand higher pressures than necessary because it’s better to be safe than sorry. If the standard application has a starting pressure of 3000 psi, it’s best to choose a valve that is rated for 6000 psi. 

It’s essential to know the working pressure and the burst pressure. Choosing a higher pressure rating than necessary is a clever way to ensure the system’s overall safety, reliability and longevity. 


From sterilizing equipment to controlling the viscosity of a fluid, high-temperature applications are used across the industrial sector. Hy-Lok fittings are crafted using the highest quality materials, including 316 stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, titanium and more. If your application requires a specific material, Hy-Lok Canada can custom forge components with exotic materials like Inconel and Monel.

Type of Fluid

Material compatibility can make or break a system, so it is crucial to understand the properties of the fluids within your system. For example, in pressurized oxygen systems, almost all organic materials are combustible, including stainless steel— the best material for oxygen is copper, copper alloy, or nickel-copper alloys. 

However, stainless steel operates incredibly well in chemical applications because of its chemical resistance and tensile strength. Hy-Lok’s team can assist you with identifying which product will best suit your objectives, depending on the fluid properties and how the valve will be used.

Interchangeable & Reliable

Hy-Lok’s product catalogue is one of North America’s most comprehensive inventories of valve and fittings solutions for fluid control systems. We serve a wide breadth of industries and manufacture components to meet the specific needs of each application. 

Hy-Lok components are crafted with the utmost quality and performance in mind for all industries we serve. We promise to deliver leak-tight, long-lasting, reliable components that are 100% interchangeable with other brands. Replacing an old part has never been easier! 

Exceptional Quality You Can Trust

Hy-Lok takes pride in manufacturing exceptional products at go-to-market pricing, as well as offering unbeatable customer service. We have several distributors across Canada, so our customers can get their parts as soon as possible with minimal delay. 

Additionally, Hy-Lok offers a comprehensive lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all products because our top priority is the safety of our users and their systems. 

Enhance your high-pressure fluid control operations with Hy-Lok Canada today!