Hy-Lok for Precision Medical & Lab

Hy-Lok Canada: Your Source For Precision Medical and Laboratory Component Solutions.

Hy-Lok Canada is proud to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of high quality fluid and control system components, as well as tubing system solutions for a wide range of applications. Clients from around the world turn to Hy-Lok for products that are cost-efficient and built for optimal performance, as well as our industry leading customer service. From state of the art laboratories and hospitals to the nanotechnology industry and more, Hy-Lok is your first choice for fluid and control solutions.

Inventory You Can Count On.

At Hy-Lok, we know how important it is to have easy access to the products you need most. As both a producer and distributor of vast inventory of solutions, we ensure that each of our locations stocks a steady supply of core components. Hy-Lok’s extended network of suppliers makes it convenient to access more unique components, and our manufacturing team is capable of producing customer orders quickly as needed.

Hy-Lok proudly offers high-quality solutions at competitive prices, as well as industry-leading customer service. Among our list of medical and research facility solutions you’ll find:

  • A wide variety of tube fittings
  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Pre-setting tools
  • Semiconductor Components
  • High purity components, & more…

Quality That Lasts

Hy-Lok Canada believes in providing our customers with superior solution that stand the test of time. Each product is created using high grade materials, including 316 stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, and more. To ensure optimal performance, all components are stress tested prior to shipping, and are backed by our failsafe warranty.

Innovation Focused

Hy-Lok’s dedication to continuous innovation and improvement stands out from the crowd when it comes to both manufacturing and distribution. We strive to provide unparalleled service today, while developing the leading products for tomorrow. With Hy-Lok, you can count on our promise to deliver products that are stronger, longer lasting, and dependable, regardless of your application. From supplying the right components for your pharmaceutical laboratory to equipping high end research facilities and more, we have you covered.

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