Small but Mighty: The Necessity of ½ Inch Bleed Valves

The components of a fluid control system’s reliability, strength and integrity must be exceptionally high for users to maintain an efficient and safe system. Bleed valves are used across nearly every industry but are especially vital in the oil and gas, hydrogen and petrochemical manufacturers.

Hy-Lok Canada’s ½ inch bleed valves are used to precisely isolate fluid flow within the system and allow liquid to be easily extracted from a tank or tube. The ability to control the flow of fluid is critical during maintenance.

Keep reading to learn why ½ inch bleed valves are necessary to maintain a functioning fluid control system!

Leak Free

There is an industry standard for the “allowable” leakage rate in pipes and valves. But where does the leaked fluid go? Most fluid control systems have liquids that are far more dangerous than water. A leaky pipe is a workplace hazard and, depending on the industry, could be dangerous to the environment.

From petrochemicals to hydrogen processing, we serve a variety of industries that work with abrasive and hazardous fluids. At Hy-Lok, we believe in providing our clientele with products of the highest quality because clients deserve the peace of mind that our fittings and valves are leak-free. Hy-Lok fittings are made to last, especially for systems actively being maintained, disassembled and reassembled.

Pressure Relief

Hy-Lok’s ½ inch bleed valves are pressure relief devices rated for 10,000 PSI, have a temperature rating of -54 C° and are made from 316 stainless steel. Bleed valves are a safe and controlled way to reduce and release pressure and prevent the over-pressurization of fluid control systems. They are vital for preventing catastrophic equipment failures and ensuring the safety of workers.

Fluid Isolation

Bleed valves can control the precise flow of fluids, including isolating specific areas of the fluid control system. Isolation is particularly valuable during maintenance and repairs, as workers can temporarily shut off a portion of the system without disrupting the overall operation.

Sampling and Testing

Accuracy is vital in industrial settings like laboratories, instrumentation, and chemical processing sites. Bleed valves are essential for accurately measuring, sampling and testing fluids because they can gradually adjust the flow rate.


Our fittings and valves are 100% interchangeable with Swagelock and Parker components. Because Hy-Lok is both a manufacturer and supplier of our products, we have the unique ability to custom-manufacture components to fit our client’s specifications.

Before we release our products, they must undergo rigorous batch testing to ensure reliability even under the harshest operating conditions.

Bottom Line

Hy-Lok’s ½-inch bleed valves are vital in many applications because of their versatility and built-in safety features. Hy-Lok is proud to manufacture components crafted to the utmost quality and performance.

Our unbeatable customer service and go-to-market pricing are part of why Hy-Lok is a global leader in the Fluid & Control System Industry. We care about creating high-quality, high-performance components that our customers can trust. Hy-Lok has a vast network of distributors across Canada, which makes expedited shipping services a breeze for our customers.

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