TH Series Trunnion Ball Valves

  • Pressure rating up to 10000 psig (689 bar) at 100ºF (37ºC)
  • End connections available Hy-Lok tube fittings and female NPT
  • Compact, maximum flow design
  • Low operating torque
  • 2-way “Shut-Off” and 3-way “Switching” models
  • Body materials available in 316 stainless steel and Alloy 400
  • 100% factory tested

The flow direction is indicated on top of the stem for reference purposes when the handle is removed for panel mounting


Product Flow Coefficient (Cv) Inlet End Connection Outlet End Connection Type PDF
TH-F-2N-S316 1.2 1 /8 Female NPT 1 /8 Female NPT 2-Way PDF
TH-F-4N-S316 1.0 1/4 Female NPT 1/4 Female NPT 2-Way PDF
TH-H-4T-S316 1.6 1/4 Hy-Lok 1/4 Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH-H-6T-S316 1.4 3/8 Hy-Lok 3/8 Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH-H-8T-S316 1.0 1/2 Hy-Lok 1/2Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH-H-6M-S316 1.6 6mm Hy-Lok 6mm Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH-H-8M-S316 1.5 8mm Hy-Lok 8mm Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH-H-10M-S316 1.3 10mm Hy-Lok 10mm Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH-H-12M-S316 1.0 12mm Hy-Lok 12mm Hy-Lok 2-Way PDF
TH3-F-4N2N-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 1/8 Female NPT 3-Way PDF
TH3-F-4N-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 1/4 Female NPT 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N4T-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 1/4Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N6T-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 3/8 Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N8T-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 1/2Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N6M-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 6mm Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N8M-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 8mm Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N10M-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 10mm Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF
TH3-FH-4N12M-S316 0.8 1/4 Female NPT (bottom part) 12mm Hy-Lok 3-Way PDF

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