RV-Series Relief Valve

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This manual will provide instructions on disassembling and installing components of the RV1 and RV2 Series Relief Valves, manufactured by Hy-Lok. This guide includes instructions for seal removal, Stem O-Ring replacement, Disc and Seat O-Ring replacement, spring installation, and more. This guide provides detailed parts components of the RV1 and RV2 valves, which can be referenced for replacement and/or repair.

What's Inside

  • RV1 Series Relief Valve Instruction Card
  • RV1 Series
    • Seal Replacement Instruction
    • Disassembly and Seal Removal
    • Stem O-Ring Replacement
    • Disc and Seat O-Ring Replacement
    • Reassembly and Installation
  • RV2 Series Relief Valve Instruction Card
    • Spring Installation
    • Adjusting the Set Pressure
    • Set Pressure vs Resealing Pressure

Key Highlights

After reviewing this manual, you will be able to:

  • Replace the seal, stem O-Ring, Disc, and Seat O-Ring on the RV1 Series Relief Valve
  • Correctly reassemble and install the RV1 valve
  • Install and adjust the set pressure on the RV2 Valve spring

RV-Series Relief Valve


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