M Series Instrument Manifold and Gauge Valve

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This manual provides instructions on properly installing, operating, and maintaining the M Series Instrument Manifold Gage and Valve manufactured by Hy-Lok. The installation instructions include a guide for disassembling, reassembling, and mounting the three different manifold bonnet types. You will need a spanner and/or wrench to complete the installation.

What's Inside

  • Installation
  • Operating
  • Maintenance
  • Removal
  • Type of Bonnet
  • Packing & Body Material vs Temperature & Pressure Rating

Key Highlights

After reviewing this guide, you will be able to:

  • Correctly install and operate the M series Instrument Manifold Gage and Valve
  • Perform maintenance on the valve, including disassembling and reassembling the bonnet
  • Learn the general arrangement of each direct mounting bonnet type 
  • Reference the temperature range and pressure rating of the Manifold packing and body material

M Series Instrument Manifold and Gauge Valve


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