Instrument Valve Assembly Torques

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This manual provides the assembly and torque information for thirteen different instrument valves manufactured by Hy-Lok. These valves are intended for chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. This guide can be utilized during installation on a piping system to exert the correct torque and ensure a tight seal on the instrument valve.

What's Inside

  • Instrument Valve Assembly Torque
    • NV Series Integral Bonnet Needle Valve
    • M Series Manifold, Gage, & Root Valves
    • GB Series Integral Bonnet Needle Valve
    • NSNV Series Needle Valve
    • 110 Series Ball Valve
    • 105 Series High-Pressure Ball Valve
    • 112(S) Series Ball Valve
    • SO Series Ball Valve
    • 700 Series Check Valve (CV)
    • RV Series Relief Valve
    • 700H Series Hgh Pressure Check Valve (CVH)
    • MT1 Series Metering Valve

Key Highlights

By reviewing the information in this manual, you will be able to:

  • Exert the correct torque when installing one of the listed Instrument Valves to your piping system, ensuring a secure seal
  • Correctly assemble and disassemble Instrument Valves for maintenance, parts replacement, and installation

Instrument Valve Assembly Torques


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