Fluid Compatibility Guide

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This manual details the chemical resistance of all Hy-Lok materials and their compatibility with certain fluids. Note that varied operating conditions will affect the corrosion rate of materials. Therefore, testing within your facility’s environment is advisable for more accurate fluid compatibility results. The compatibility of each material and liquid will be ranked from A (recommended) to D (not recommended). Some materials may not have information available.

What's Inside

  • Summary of Compatibility Explanation
  • Mean of Annotation
  • Summary of Abbreviation
  • Reference
  • Index
  • Fluid Compatibility Guide A-Z

Key Highlights

After considering the information in this guide, you will be able to:

  • Determine the fluid compatibility of Hy-Lok materials and which materials are suitable for your operations
  • Learn which material and fluid combinations to avoid
  • Gain a better understanding of chemical abbreviations for testing and future reference

Fluid Compatibility Guide


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