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This instruction manual outlines the steps for setting up the EZY-MAT II portable pre-swaging machine, preparing the tube, and making pre-swage. You will need a wrench to complete these steps. Follow the Fitting Size tables to align the fitting and tube accurately, and clean the swagging cones to prevent dirt and debris from interfering with the swagging process. If the EZY-MAT II pressure is not properly set, faulty swaging may occur. 

What's Inside

  • General Information
  • Swaging Process
  • Technical Data
  • How to Set Up EZY-MAT II
  • How to Prepare Tube
  • How to Make Pre-Swage
  • Important!
  • Part Numbers of Pre-swaging Component

Key Highlights

After following the steps in this manual, you will be able to:

  • Install the swaging jig and correctly set up the EZY-MAT II 
  • Check the tube’s durability and prepare the surface for swaging
  • Follow the Fitting Size Swagging Pressure table to make pre-swage


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