102 Series Ball Valve

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This manual provides instructions on how to properly install and operate the 102 Series Ball Valve for commercial piping systems. Prepare your environment for installation by setting your specified pressure and temperature range and checking that your piping line is in working order. Note that you will need a wrench and a spanner wrench to properly seal the taper thread, connect the Hy-Lock tube, and mount your panel. 

What's Inside

  • Installation
    • Installation Preparation
    • Connection of Taper Thread
    • Connection og Hy-Lok Tube Fitting
    • Panel Mounting
  • Operating
    • Open and Close the Valve
    • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Maintenance
    • Replacement of part components
    • Disassembly
    • Torque table
    • Leakage
    • Reassembly
  • Removal

Key Highlights

After reviewing the instructions in this manual, you will be able to:

  • Properly install and learn how to open and close the 102 Ball Valve 
  • Better understand how the Ball Valve is arranged and put together
  • Disassemble and reassemble the individual valve components in the case of a seat or stem leakage
  • Remove and clean the Ball Valve

102 Series Ball Valve


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