Why You Should Choose Hy-Lok For Your Hydraulic Flanges

Need hydraulic flanges for your operation? Hy-Lok offers high-quality hydraulic fittings that are easy to install. Our SAE flanges work without threaded connectors for a seamless assembly and maintenance experience.

Hy-Lok is proud to bring you products that are backed with over 40 years of expertise. As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the world, we focus on giving our customers products that surpass standards and ensure efficiency for all your operation needs. Keep reading to learn more about why you should choose Hy-Lok for your hydraulic flanges.

Highest-Quality Products

As experienced suppliers and manufacturers, we know the dangers of working with unreliable components. Hy-Lok fittings are tested to make sure they reach you ready to take on your project’s needs, backed by our fail-safe warranty.

Hy-Lok’s fittings are made with the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability you can trust. We use materials such as SS316 for our hydraulic flanges for guaranteed strength.

As the manufacturers of all our products, we are experts in every step of the creation of our fittings. We are able to serve you with quality that is tried and tested directly in our manufacturing centre by experts who know the unique needs of the industries we serve.

Diverse Inventory of Fittings

Looking for hydraulic flanges that fit your application needs? Hy-Lok offers an impressive array of products catered to your project’s specific requirements. Hy-Lok can offer hydraulic flanges that can be custom configured for your more complex applications.

Our hydraulic flange components also follow all SAE J1518 (ISO 6162) requirements and work perfectly with various fluid systems. Our extensive inventory includes products that have passed various certifications, such as DIN 2353 standards. With one of the largest inventories of fittings in North America, Hy-Lok Canada is able to service our customers and get them the fittings they need, no matter the applications.

Canada-Wide Service

Hy-Lok Canada it’s ready to serve you with a commitment to service that is a major part of our mandate. No matter your application needs, industry, or location, we are here to provide quick and efficient delivery so that you can meet all your deadlines. With over 40 years of excellent service, our customers continue to trust us to bring them high-quality, high-performance fluid system components wherever they are located. Trust our distributors to bring you fantastic products that work with your job needs.

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